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Choosing Heavy Duty Connectors For Cable Assemblies – Miracle Electronics

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Heavy duty connectors are required when the applications that the cable assemblies need to be used in are tough and harsh. Industrial equipment can be subjected to various harsh conditions like water, high humidity, high temperature, vibration, electromagnetic interference, impact, and particulate ingress. Designing and specifying cable assemblies for use in such harsh environments can present a number of challenges. Over time, exposure to such conditions impedes assembly conductivity and can require replacement. Thus, when you have such applications in hand, for example, food industry, beverage industry, gas processing, or the like, you need connectors that can withstand some or all such tough elements, depending upon the particular application.

Which housing material do you need?

Heavy duty connectors provide almost unlimited material options for a heavy duty industrial housing. For connectors to be used in cable assemblies used with moving equipment, you may need die-cast aluminum housings that are light in weight and impact resistant. For connectors to be used in wet environments, you may need plastic connectors that won’t rust or corrode. For connectors to be used in cable assemblies that need to be fit into small spaces, you may need materials that provide EMI shielding.

What housing size do you need?

The housing size is important too, which can be determined by a hybrid combination of pluggable inserts that are required to carry power, signal, or data to or from factory equipment. This is where heavy duty connector systems are uniquely positioned to meet the demands of the hybridization trend in pluggable cabling for industrial manufacturing. For example, products that require more flexibility require more functionality at device or factory equipment connection points rather than at a central control cabinet.

What ratings and standards do your connectors need?

The housings need to be designed as per industrial standards that can quantify the degree to which an assembly can withstand harsh conditions. There are various standards and ratings that different types of connectors can meet such as Ingress Protection (IP), National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), etc. You need to know what kind of ratings and standards your connectors should meet. For example, IP ratings describe the level of protection that an electrical enclosure provides against various elements, and NEMA ratings describe the environment where an enclosure may be used. IP65 should be sufficient for exposure to dust and potential water spray. But, for an exceedingly wet environment or water submersible applications, a higher rated IP69 housing is required.

Which insert type do you need?

Modular inserts that support an integrated hybrid cable assembly are being increasingly used today. These inserts provide an integrated hybrid assembly that creates new considerations for power and signal wiring beyond the fundamentals of approval ratings, wire gauge, and clamping type. The various options for insert type include USB, fiber optic, D-sub, pneumatic, RJ45, MT12, high density signal, and high current power connections.

 To keep all of the above on track, you need to choose the right manufacturing partner to fulfill your requirements. Consider outsourcing your project to Miracle Electronics, one of the best cable assembly manufacturers in India, who has a great expertise in manufacturing all kinds of cable assemblies and various kinds of connectors too like circular connectors, D-sub connectors, Military specific connectors, and more.

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