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Google Chrome has aptly renamed the Chrome Flags to “Experiments” as they allow you to enable, disable, or try multiple features that haven’t even been released for the mainline Chrome. Often, these Chrome Flags don’t even make it to the full version, but these gems can enhance your browsing experience to manifolds. Here is a list of some of the best Chrome Flags that you can try.

How to Access Chrome Flags

To access Chrome flags, navigate to your Chrome browser and type “chrome://flags” in the address bar. Then hit Enter to find a list of Chrome Flags. Also, know that this page will warn you that these features are not stable. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + F in Chrome to instantly access the features discussed below.

Reader Mode

Google Chrome introduced a feature, which allows you to add a reader mode option to your address. You can use this feature to turn any web page into the reader’s mode, making it easier for you to read the contents on the page without adjusting the window too much. While this is a convenient tool, it still doesn’t come as a default feature. This means you will have to add the reader mode clickable to your URL bar to make browsing more convenient for yourself. Fortunately, a quick tweak in Chrome Flags can add the “Immersive Reader” option to your URL bar.  

Simply find “reader mode” in the list of Chrome Flags, enable it, and you will see its icon appear in your address bar. Once set, you can give this icon a single click whenever you want to turn a page into immersive reader mode.

GPU Rasterization

Chrome uses the process of rasterization to arrange the data on websites in the form of pixels and the factual information you see on the screen. Each page is arranged into “Tiles,” and all the information you see on your screen is fed. If you enable “GPU rasterization” on Chrome, your GPU will be doing all the processing instead of your CPU.  This will offload the workload from the CPU and speed up your browser. This is truly beneficial if your CPU isn’t powerful enough.

Tab Groups

You can easily grab the long-awaited Tab Groups feature from the Chrome Flags. Enable the feature, and then right-click the tab you want to group or create a new group with. We all have been fighting with that dreaded pile of tabs, but using the Tab Groups feature will make tab management a whole lot neater for you.

Chrome Duet for Android

If you apply the “Duet” interface on your Android’s Chrome, the options like tabs, search, home, and the options menu will appear at the bottom of your screen instead of the top. To enable “Chrome Duet,” search for the same name in Chrome flags and disable it. ( Yes, you need to disable the setting to enable it. It works the opposite of what it actually should.)

Enable Smooth Scrolling

You must have experienced a little stutter in the animation while scrolling in Chrome. This makes it difficult to read the contents quickly. So, enabling the Smooth Scrolling option will make things smoother and present them more professionally.

All you have to do is search for “Smooth Scrolling” in the Chrome Flags or directly type chrome://flags/#smooth-scrolling in the address bar. You will find a drop-down menu. Choose to enable the option there.

One of the best Chrome Flags is the one that allows you to already-accessed websites in offline mode as well. Also, you should know that these were very few from the dozens of other Chrome Flags available. You can always try the other ones but understand their exact function to enhance your browsing experience.

Source : https://citysearchwiki.com/blog/chrome-flags-to-boost-your-browsing/

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