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The eCommerce king, also known as Amazon, continues to change the way the entire world shops, set-up businesses, sell products online, manufacture, and create opportunities for third-party sellers. Before amazon, there was not a single company that made online selling so lucrative and competitive. 

Getting organic search results, winning the Buy Box, and creating hot-selling inventories are the attributes that every Amazon seller covers.

All of these goals are accomplished by:

  • Creating a sponsored product campaign
  • Maintaining positive seller feedback and product reviews,
  • Inventory management, 
  • Constant repricing, 
  • Fastest shipping, 
  • Return policy, 
  • Responding to customer emails, 
  • Active customer services, 
  • Optimizing product listings, 
  • Sourcing new products, all while sticking to Amazon’s terms of service and customer-centric policies.

Being an Amazon seller, it’s essential to understand that it’s hard to grow your eCommerce business if the eCommerce CEO is also the shipping clerk, customer service rep, accountant, marketing specialist, technician, and merchandiser. 

The process of knowing which tasks to outsource versus what to do in-house is a bit difficult and differs from merchant to merchant. We recommend you to do two things that can help to decide on what activity should be outsourced.

  • Make a list of things you do to run your Amazon business
  • And, Make a list of things you would like to do for business growth but currently not doing.

Rate the above tasks based on:

  • How much you like to do them?
  • How much time would you like to dedicate to them for long term business growth?

As soon as you perform this activity, you’ll realize that the tasks at the top of the list are business-focused and strategic. And, the tasks at the bottom of the list are mundane, repetitive, and albeit necessary. These tasks are:

  • Amazon Data Entry 
  • Data mining
  • Accounting
  • Product listing
  • Photo editing
  • Repricing
  • Monitoring product reviews
  • Writing descriptions
  • Managing inventory

You can save a lot of your productive time and resources by outsourcing these tasks to a specialized service provider. 



  • You’ll get more time to focus on activities that matter to your business, allowing you to maintain a work-balance.
  • You can offload the tasks that are albeit necessary.
  • You can find Amazon virtual assistants who are willing to work in the same timezone as you.
  • FOCUS ON ACTIVITIES THAT MATTER MORE TO YOUR BUSINESS : If you want to raise the graph of your amazon business, then outsourcing services can be your time-saver to make that happen. If you want more business trips, spend more time in meetings, practice growth-oriented activities, etc., then hiring outsourcing services to run some of your daily tasks is an easy way to make space in your schedule.
  • YOU CAN OFFLOAD THE MUNDANE TASK : Whether its inventory management, running PPC campaign and crunching numbers, amazon photo editing, sourcing products, or writing product descriptions, outsourcing can help you get rid of stress or tedium caused by doing tasks.
  • YOU’LL FIND EXPERTS WHO ARE WILLING TO WORK ODD HOURS : Hiring virtual assistants living in different time zones can be the best bet. For an amazon business that needs inventory level and certain pages measured day and night, you can cover the clock by hiring outsourced employees from different countries.


The payment of amazon workers depends on several factors. The most significant factor is location, which is why we’ve included it in the table below. Usually, it will be less expensive to hire Non-US outsourced experts, especially if they are from India. 

Cheap rates don’t mean compromised work! Oversee experts work hard to provide you the best.

In the table below, we’ve covered some standard rates you can expect to pay for various amazon services. Keep in mind that these are rough figures. And these are bound to be outliers as well.

Tips:  Try having a video call before hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant.


If you’ve already decided to hire outsourced experts for your amazon business, then there are a few steps you should be sure to take. These can make your entire outsourcing experience amazing!

  • Provide Training : It is crucial to train outsourced employees on how to use the different accounts the company prefers, whether it’s software or your personal seller central portal. 
  • Set Defined Goals : There should also be a process for them to let you know if a goal is not achieved, make sure you have an approachable style so that they can let you know the reason.
  • Outline Company Goals : Take a little time to make them understand the business objectives and goals and targets you have for growth, sales and other metrics. As they see the progress with time, they’ll have a better idea of how their contribution helped out.
  • Clear Communication Channels : You should start expecting even before you make the hire.Make sure they are comfortable using the same type of platforms you prefer to communicate through, whether that’s the phone, email or, special services like skype or slack.


This will vary from business to business, depending on the goals, size, strategies, strengths, and weaknesses. Listed here are a few tasks you could outsource:

  • AMAZON LISTING SERVICES : It takes a lot of time to reach out to suppliers and manufacturers, get quotes, layout specifications, writing descriptions, agreement and so on.
  • PPC MANAGEMENT : Running a pay-per-click campaign can take up quite a bit of time of yours.  
  • INVENTORY MANAGEMENT : hire outsourcing experts with experience in inventory management, they keep your stock level always on point.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICES : Outsourcing customer support is beneficial for business and one of the more affordable things to outsource too.
  • COPYWRITING: Writing out product titles, descriptions, specifications, features can be time-consuming, especially if copywriting is not your thing. 
  • PHOTO EDITING : Hire an expert at some point to convert the normal pictures into high-quality product images for better conversion. 


Whether you are avoiding excessive and prolonged stress, or simply freeing up your time by not doing a few things, or with a little work on the outset, you can buy back your hours by finding trusted outsourcing company.

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