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When going to buy a car, we are usually faced with a choice of manual or metal transmissions. Usually, the price of a metic option is definitely more expensive than the manual. Regardless of price, which is the ideal choice of the Toyota Calya 2021 manual or metal type?

In total, there are eight types available in the Toyota Calya 2021. One type that has a manual and a manual transmission option is the Calya type G. The price difference is quite good, reaching IDR 12 million.

Some people may already be sure of their choice, will choose manual or automatic types. But some of them are of course still in doubt as to what transmission is suitable for their Toyota Calya later.

Before going any further, we must know the type of transmission of each variant. For Calya Metik, using a conventional four-speed metic transmission. As for the manual, it uses five speeds.

The engine is 3NR-VE, with a capacity of 1,170 cc. It is not big, but it is sufficient for the conditions of various asphalt roads in Indonesia. Therefore, this transmission choice is subjective according to taste. Those of you who don’t bother playing the clutch, there is a metallic transmission.

Recognize the Metic Transmission Character in the Toyota Calya 2021, Not Lose from the Manual Version

Many think that this conventional method of transmission option is not attractive. The pull of the car does not slide smoothly and smoothly like a CVT metallic transmission. However, there are strong reasons why Toyota is still installing the Calya 2021 with conventional methods.

In a test drive session among the national media some time ago, Toyota also wanted to prove the performance of this transmission in various road conditions. When driving on the highway, this four-speed metallic transmission shift works smoothly and is quite responsive.

This conventional metic transmission capability can really feel the benefits when passing through the mountain path. We just need to enter manual mode to adjust the gear position according to the terrain. the metic shift remains to be moved with options D, 3 and 2.

We can move the position to 2nd gear when passing the gentle incline. So, don’t worry about not being able to start if we are forced to stop on an incline. Position 2 in this conventional method is tantamount to combining gears 1 and 2 in a manual transmission.

So, the transmission only limits its maximum gear to position 2. When it is high rpm, but we still need torque or engine brake, we just need to move to 3. This method is done in order to get a more responsive engine pull.

For that we also need to be responsive in shifting the transmission gears when on a mountainous route. This method is clearly effective rather than relying on a kick-down (pressing the gas pedal deeper to down-shift) like when the lever is in position D.

In order to get a spontaneous reaction, the right foot also needs to be agile on the gas pedal. This way, we don’t lose a lot of momentum when facing an incline or want to overtake on an incline.

Manual Transmission Toyota Calya 2021 Responsive in the Mountains

Indeed, the engine capacity is not large, but the transmission options available in the Toyota Calya 2021 are proportional to various asphalt road conditions. If you want to find a more responsive one, then you can choose manual transmission.

Those of you who are beginners just need to get used to balancing the clutch and gas. Because, this manual transmission offers more spontaneous performance. To deal with the long, gentle incline, just get into 2nd or 3rd gear.

Cars can easily eat up inclines, and have no trouble when they need to overtake a slow-moving truck. If the incline is steeper, then just enter 1st gear so that it has enough torque for the creep.

Toyota Calya 2021 Metik, the most expensive and most complete type

The Toyota Calya is available in three types, namely E STD, E, and G. Well, for the choice of this metallic transmission, it is only available in type G and is also the highest type.

With a difference of Rp. 12 million, of course it makes you curious what the difference is apart from the transmission, between the Toyota Calya G metik and the manual one.

Toyota Calya G metic and manual on the exterior both apply LED headlights, folding mirrors aka New Retractable Outer Mirror, new rim designs, dark chrome-plated trunk door garnishes and dark chrome front grille. Then the interior is equipped with a touch screen head unit, audio control on the steering wheel, a console box under the air conditioner, and a dual tone dashboard.

The special differences in the metallic type are the New Under Seat Compartment Tray and Illumination AT indicator. So, we can store things tidily under the front seat on the left side.


The choice of automatic transmission, aka metic, is often an expensive option. Because, this option is usually available in the upper middle type in a car. In addition, the price difference with a similar type of manual version also reaches tens of millions.

So, it is fitting that this metallic transmission offers driving comfort but with a performance that is no less responsive. If you have a limited budget, the manual transmission option is actually not bad. Just need to get used to it.

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