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Cables are a very tiny, yet very important parts of any electrical application. We often neglect the cables we use, but we fail to understand that it is the quality and type of cables that we use that decides on the performance of the entire application. While the quality of cables can be obtained by partnering with genuine and reliable cable harness manufacturers in India, the type of cables you need is for you to decide upon.

There are two basic types of cables you could use – copper clad and solid copper cables. So, which one of the two is better suited for your particular application? Both these kinds of cables are different from each other, and you must know what you must choose in order to maintain data integrity and have a reliable performance.

Copper clad cables – What they are

Copper clad cables are available as either copper clad aluminium or copper clad steel. This means that the conductor is made either of aluminium or steel, with a coating of copper wrapped around. So, these are not 100% copper cables.

Advantages of copper clad cables – One reason why such copper clad cables are used instead of solid copper cables is their light weight. With copper conductors being replaced with aluminium or steel, the weight of the cable reduces, which makes it apt for lightweight applications. Another benefit is that copper clad cables are less expensive because of the inner copper portion being replaced with aluminium or steel.

Disadvantages of copper clad cables – There is one drawback with copper clad cables. These cables are effective over short distances and for sending lesser amounts of data, unlike their counterparts, where data can be sent through longer distances without any kind of signal problems. When the distances are longer in the case of copper clad cables, there are issues with signal integrity, which then requires multiple signals to be sent to reach the end point.

Solid copper cables – What they are

Solid copper cables are 100% copper, with the conductor being made of copper, as well as the coating being of copper.

Advantages of solid copper cables – The two biggest benefits of using solid copper cables are durability and flexibility. Such cables easily bend back and forth, thus making it easy to shape and form them. In addition, copper conductors perform undoubtedly well. Another benefit with solid copper cables is that they are ideal for transmitting signals over long distances, with no issues in signal integrity. They excel in transmitting high levels of data over longer distances, with minimal current required to push the signals all the way through to the end.

Disadvantages of solid copper cables – There is just one drawback with solid copper cables, and that is their heavy weight. But, the performance and durability covers up for that.

So, what’s your choice?

 You can determine the pros and cons of each cable to identify which one is more suited for your application. Consider the weight, cost, distance, durability, and data load of both, and decide as to which aspects you can compromise on, and which not. Accordingly, you can decide on purchasing the copper cable that you require from Miracle Electronics, the most reliable cable harness manufacturers in India, where you can have any and all kinds of cables manufactured. Whether you choose off-the-shelf products, or have your cables customized, you can rest assured to have products that are certified and approved by DGAQA and MSQAA for platform specific applications.

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