Digital Marketing Mistakes

Marketing is an essential part of any business. However, as with many things, there is a wrong way and a right way to approach your marketing needs. The wrong way is likely to lead to an array of costly mistakes. The right way should provide you with an abundance of new customers. Check out these costly digital marketing mistakes and avoid doing the same.

Getting The Budget Wrong

If you’re running a business you need to set a budget, how else will you know the selling price of your product and anticipate sales?

This is especially true for marketing as it is very easy to underestimate the costs of a marketing campaign. Setting a budget means you’re in a better position to control a campaign, assess it’s success, and even decide to change tactics.

However, it’s also important to be realistic about the cost of each marketing campaign. There is no point in having a successful campaign cut short because you’ve run out of funds. Worse is continuing to run a campaign because you’re unaware of what it is costing you.

Consider a budget carefully before you set your figure, and stick to it.

Creating The Site Yourself

If you’re a web site designer then you should create your site. If not, get a professional in Web Design in Sydney to do it for you.

Failing to take this approach will cost you more money and time in the long run. That’s time you’ll be spending trying to sort out problems on your web page rather than focusing on the success of a campaign or which direction to move the business in next.

As well as having the right knowledge you need the right tools. This is simple if you create websites and marketing campaigns for a living; But, if you don’t you’re likely to get halfway through and encounter an issue that will need a professional to resolve.

At the very least you need to purchase the right software for the job.

Losing Target Audience

Your business makes a product and has a target audience. If you lose sight of this audience then your marketing campaigns will have little effect.

You may have unwittingly followed a trend that has led to an increase in visitors to your site. But, if this doesn’t result in an increase in sales and customers then you’ve lost sight of your target audience and need to refocus, abandoning the wasted campaign.


A successful campaign can cost you more than the profit it generates. This is why marketers have Return on Investments, the ROI allows them to assess the success of a campaign and how much revenue each campaign is generating. Boosting traffic is not enough by itself, you need to know the rate of return to ensure that each campaign is worthwhile and effective. If you don’t then you could simply be wasting money while thinking you are creating plenty of new business.

Marketing is beneficial to a business, you simply need to adopt the right approach and ensure every step you take is worthwhile for your business.

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