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Tanjiro Kamado, after the murder of almost his entire family except for Nezuko, has decided to put an end to the violence and bloodshed unleashed by Muzan Kibutsuji and his demonic forces. Although his sister is a demon now, he aspires to one day turn her back to a human being so she could live a normal life. So far, in his every battle, Tanjiro has used all the skills in his arsenal; however, when he faced the Upper Rank 3 Demon – Akaza, he used the Transparent World Technique taught by his father at a very young age. Volume 18 of Demon Slayer features Tanjiro’s new technique quite heavily, and today we will have an overview of it. 

When confronted with a Demon, the slayers don’t have too many options. They use various breathing techniques like Wind, Water, and Sun, along with their swords, to get the upper hand on their adversaries. However, they also learn to unlock unique Demon Slayer marks later on in the series, which gives them a significant increase in speed, senses, and power. When the protagonist fights Akaza along with Water Hashira, Giyu Tomioka, he is forced to come up with something since the demon can track the fighting spirits. 

Tanjiro’s Father’s Lesson

Akaza knows the Compass Needle power, which allows him to sense the Demon Slayer’s fighting spirit, so he always knows where the next attack will come. So, he is never surprised and quickly predicts every move of his adversaries. Tanjiro recalls Inosuke’s ability to track someone’s position based on malicious intent; he surprisingly gets flashbacks of the time he spent with his father.

Tanjiro has memories of the time when he discussed with his father when he was performing the traditional Hinokami Kagura dance. According to the rules, one is supposed to dance from sunrise to sunset to please the Fire God. Although Tanjiro’s father had health issues during that time, he somehow did the ritual effortlessly. When inquired about how he was able to do it, Tanjiro’s father told him that he had mastered the motions while dancing and entered a Transparent World domain. 

One night he took Tanjiro outside to face a considerable bear stalking near the house. Even though the bear looks dangerous, Tanjiro’s father remains calm and cuts off its head in a flash. Tanjiro, who has a strong nose, can feel that his father had no fear or ill will towards the beast. His father told him to never forget what he saw. After all, these years later, Tanjiro realizes that he was giving him a lesson in the Transparent World Technique, which can be used against Akaza.

Transparent World

Tanjiro reaches a state of unparalleled calm and realizes that he can control his muscles and blood vessels, just like blinking in this form. The Transparent World Technique lets Tanjiro see an X-ray version of the world through which he can analyze blood flow, breath, and movements. He can also see everything happen in slow-motion, which increases his reaction time. 

Using the technique, he can now get rid of his fighting spirit, and Akaza won’t predict his actions. Tanjiro looks at Akaza closely until he finds the right moment to strike. When he realizes that he has finally found the opening, he strikes using the Hinokami Kagura to cut off the demon’s head. Although the demon fights on for a while without a head, he eventually accepts his defeat.

Yoriichi Tsugikuni, who was the creator of the Breathing Style and other Hashira, could use this ability just like Tanjiro. When Yoriichi confronted the Demon King, Muzan, it proved to be quite advantageous, and it seems that Tanjiro might find it useful later. It is only because of the Kamado family that such valuable traditions have not been last, and now when Tanjiro fights Muzan, he will be benefited from them. 

Source: Demon Slayer: Transparent World Technique and Its History

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