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Destiny 2: How to Get a Free New Exotic Armor Piece

The virtual world of Destiny 2 keeps on changing by getting through a lot of story evolvement. We have encountered the Guardian’s power sources and how they recovered the light and also witnessed the defeat of Cabal underneath Dominus Ghaul from its Season of Earth Last City.

A postseason has also featured the assigned deal between Guardians and other forces, such as the remaining minions of Cabals and the Vex in the Red War. Apart from that, several players have attained a lot of essential resources and several more have to be rewarded in the ninth season of the game. The recently released Season is known as Season of Dawn, which depicts the story of Osiris and Saint-14.

The season features these two legends, which later turned into enmity along with a time loop associated adventure. The game allows players to become a companion of Osiris’s work on Mercury that is to build a Sundial, aka Time Machine that can conduct time-travel operations.

Players will be rewarded with several important items and resources that are pretty essential for the game if players succeed in completing these challenges. However, players can also attain a free piece of Exotic armor from the Bungie site. Below, we have prepared a proper workaround that can favor you to obtain free Exotic armor.

Get Free Exotic Armor Piece

Below we have gathered a few steps that will lead you to attain free Exotic Amor Piece. Here:

  • First, to begin this process, players need to sign into the Bungie account.
  • After that, the player needs to head towards the link for the previous Season.
  • The player can complete this process on the app, too, but logging on to the official site is necessary.
  • Now, the player will get access to claim rewards along with rank 98.
  • Make sure that players should attain last Season’s rank 98 if they want this process to complete.
  • Now, choose the character that has the capability of receiving armor piece.
  • Select the left arrow to head to the Rank 98 using the mouse.
  • After that, select the claim in the popup menu.
  • Players can also check other unclaimed items from the previous season and can also attain them.
  • After players have successfully attained all the unclaimed items, the player needs to visit the character inventory.
  • The character inventory includes all the attained items, and players can use them in the game.


It is one of the simplest ways to attain Exotic armor in Destiny 2 and is being developed by the developers of the game. So, using the Fated Engram resort from Bungie is absolutely secure and free.  We hope that this blog has served the purpose completely. Make sure you follow each and every step carefully. We have already mentioned about the clamming of rewards from every previous Season along with the Seasonal essence that it brought to the newer Season. In case you are new to this game and would like to enjoy its gaming experience, then you can witness the Destiny2 virtual world on Xbox One, Stadia, PS4, and PC.

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