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Some people have compared the documentary to one of the finest movies ever made by the veteran director David Fincher. Yes, we are talking about the film “Zodiac.”

However, several reviews have said that the documentary is more inclined towards the fun of a mystery rather than its tragedy.

Rather than investigating an age-old disappearance, John Dower has endeavored to portray people’s interest in it and why they want the story to become a piece of their account.


“I don’t have a grudge against your airlines, Miss. I just have a grudge,” A man named Dan Cooper said during his infamous skyjacking.

Have you ever heard the above-written quote anywhere? Do you know who D.B. Cooper is? Allow me to give you some history.

We are talking about the year 1971. It was November. An ordinary-looking man named D.B. Cooper had hijacked a plane that was leaving Portland in Oregon. He had threatened all the crew members that he had a bomb and nobody will be harmed if they did what he said. He demanded a ransom of $200,000 and four parachutes and promised that if he gets that, the bomb will not go off.

However, his voice was very clear that if the crew tries to mess with him, everybody will pay the price.

“No funny stuff, I would do the job,” he said.

Let us cut this long story short. Nobody had to die. Cooper got his ransom, and the four parachutes and the bomb never went off.

However, the mysterious part is that the hijacker dived off in the middle of the flight, and that was the last confirmed sighting of him. An obscure man named Dan Cooper just vanished into thin air after that.

The search went on for many years, and neither the FBI nor anybody found anybody. The search is still going on, and they still haven’t found anything. Even after 49 years, neither is there a trace of his dead body nor any clues about his whereabouts.

You can watch the documentary made by John Dower if you are completely new to the subject. It’s like an elementary textbook to the whole saga, which has baffled the FBI for almost fifty years. Dower’s documentary film ably portrays the crime that happened onboard the flight supposed to take off nicely from Portland, Oregon. The director has also offered a few anecdotes of the people that saw Cooper with their own eyes and the investigators that scratched their heads fruitlessly in the aftermath.

If you think about it, the story of Dan Cooper is straight forward. The facts are not controversial, the motive can be well documented, witnesses’ testimonials are consistent, and all the pieces of the evidence have been well studied.

However, the fact that the mystery is still unsolved makes it so intriguing and entertaining.

The blog was written to give you a primer on it. If you want to know things in detail, please watch the documentary mentioned above.

What I would recommend to you is that you should check out the “Lemmino” channel on YouTube.

Visit : webroot.com/safe

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