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Battles and martial-arts tournaments are an indispensable part of the Dragon Ball universe. Since there are so many fights, the possibility of massive injuries is also relatively high. The fighters need to recover fast enough to face future challenges. However, the Z-Warriors are lucky that they have Senzu Beans that have restorative powers. So, even if the heroes have to fight tough fights in which they might get injured a lot, they need not worry because the Senzu Beans helps them recover quickly. Senzu Beans are one of the rare things in the franchise that has consistently appeared throughout different series. Although the superfood is quite essential for warriors who put their lives on the line, they have also posed a lot of danger to the world on certain occasions.

Introduced in the original Dragon Ball series, the Senzu Beans were grown by master Korin. They taste like fish, and they are so filling that they can even feed a man for over ten days. However, they also pose the danger of making anyone obese instantly if consumed in large amounts. They are magical as they restore health and stamina, making it easier for the fighters to recover fast. The wounds are healed almost instantaneously with little delay, and the consumer also gets stronger. Even mortal wounds are easy for the Senzu Beans to heal, which is why they are so important. Since Saiyans get stronger after near-death experiences, the Senzu Beans heal them and increase their power levels. 

However, the Beans are not perfect and have their limitations. They are only useful for recent injuries, and one can’t restore lost limbs using them. Once Goku and his friends became friends with Korin, the Beans became an essential part of their strategy. They shouldn’t be criticized for taking advantage of their enemies since they mostly went on lengthy campaigns, which required them to recover quickly. So, they had little choice because saving the galaxy was something they had to deal with.

It is improbable that the Z-warriors would have been so successful without the use of Senzu Beans. They had to confront several dangerous villains who were too good to compete. Unfortunately, sometimes the villains also took advantage of those beans to heal themselves, putting the heroes at risk. Apart from some of these minor incidents, the Senzu Beans were mostly reliable and were quite beneficial for the heroes. They have remained an essential tool for the heroes of the Dragon Ball even after so many years, and with no replacement available yet, it appears Senzu Beans will play a crucial role in the future as well.

Source: Dragon Ball: The Importance of Senzu Beans

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