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EAF transformers – The name may make you think about them to be complex transformers with a complicated functioning. But, they aren’t so complex. EAF transformers are Electric Arc Furnace transformers that are generally used with electric arc furnaces or ladle metallurgy stations to transform high-voltage low-current electrical power to low-voltage high-current electric arcs inside an EAF furnace to melt scrap steel. The scrap steel is exposed directly to the electric arc produced by the EAF transformers inside an electrical arc furnace to temperatures up to 1800°C. These transformers help in maintaining a perfect balance in the electric circuit, as a lot of charge accumulation in one portion of the circuit can lead to load shedding or wearing down of the device. This advantage and functioning of an EAF transformer is what helps it to be used in a number of applications, such as in gas factories, steel plants, and in industries manufacturing calcium carbide.

Benefits of using an EAF transformer

There are a lot many benefits of using an EAF transformer, some of the advantages being mentioned below.

  • EAF transformers are industrially manufactured devices, each unit being sold by registered dealers, who procure complete details of the customer before making the sale. This is because these EAF transformers are highly expensive, which is why you must always purchase from a leading transformer manufacturer in India, to ensure safety and the guarantee of making a right purchase.
  • The details of EAF transformer manufacturers are always available online, which makes it easy to track them down. This means there is no possibility of any unscrupulous practices, which is why these industrial devices are rarely mishandled, thus saving you from any such problems, as you can be sure you’ve made a legitimate purchase.
  • An EAF transformer is manufactured with the help of machines, and each component is made by expert manpower, which means you can expect a strong-built device at your service. This means there is completely durability. And, if you purchase from a genuine transformer manufacturer in India, one like Miracle Electronics, you can rest assured of having the best after sales service too.

Applications of EAF transformers

Gas factories – Electricity is used in gas factories to perform the process of catalysis, that is, combining or breaking down the components of a gaseous mixture, which cannot be achieved by normal processes of applying heat and pressure. EAF transformers are useful to carry out such specific reactions.

Steel plants – Steel plants require melting of iron at high temperatures, and a sturdy furnace that can help them achieve a large amount of heat, which can liquefy the iron, so that the various components can be formed from it. This is where EAF transformers can help.

 So, whether your application is that in a gas factory or steel plant, or even in an industry that manufactures calcium carbide, you can rely on EAF transformers to easily and effectively carry out your power transformations from high-voltage low-current electrical power to low-voltage high-current electric arcs inside an EAF furnace.

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