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Emily: Chapter Nine

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As they were driving to the hall in which their wedding reception was to be held, Emily looked at the ring on her finger. This was it. It took them all of one hour to go from being two separate individuals into one entity, ‘united in the sight of man and God’, as the priest had pronounced them. She was married. She looked up at Ethan who had been studying her face and blushed. He reached out and brushed a stray strand of hair away from her face and said, “I don’t think I got a chance to tell you how unbelievably stunning you look today. I hope we can always keep each other happy. I’m beginning to think that I really love you…” nervously he ran his fingers through his hair.

That was the first time he had told her he loved her.

Emily looked into Ethan’s eyes and saw sincerity there. She had been watching romantic soap operas on television for years curled up next to her mother and Abbey on the sofa. She had always imagined how she would end up meeting her own man  – at a party, at a basketball match, in the rain or on the beach – not once were her parents involved and she most certainly never saw them playing the matchmakers. Yet here she was. Married to Ethan; who she met in true arranged marriage fashion. Nonetheless, he was her Mr. Right. True, he was no Patrick Dempsey but he made quite a good McDreamy all the same.

In the five months leading up to the wedding, they hadn’t even met that often, yet at some point, she had fallen in love with Ethan. She didn’t know how to put all that she felt or wished for into words, so she looked deep into those black eyes of his and hoped she could convey all of the emotion she carried in her heart when she simply whispered, “I love you too…”

And there, in the back of their wedding car, Ethan and Emily shared their first kiss as husband and wife. Emily felt comforted by that kiss and although her own insecurities as well as the things that her mother had said the night before were still in her mind, she didn’t think it could be all that complicated, until a little later, when she was being chastised in front of all Ethan’s female relatives.

“Come now Emily, enough of this Aunty business! Mummy, you’ve to call me Mummy from now on.” said Mrs. Mendonca as she pulled, pleated and pinned Emily’s sado.

Emily, feeling exposed and embarrassed in nothing but her vermillion saree skirt and blouse in front of all those women she didn’t know, swallowed and scanned the room for her mother who, once found, steadily refused to make eye contact with her. It almost seemed like she had given up claim of her. So Emily looked back at Mrs. Mendonca, who was managing to drape the silk saree on her with great ease despite her short stature, and conjured up a tight smile.

Emily didn’t think it was appropriate to liken a wedding to a fatal accident, although in the same sort of time frame her life had changed completely. Not only did she have a husband, she had a new mummy too! Mummy…the word didn’t roll off her tongue easily.

“Mummy…” she managed to say out loud with another smile.

She hoped that in time it would become easier.


Hope you enjoyed the newest installment in the Emily series. Would really like to hear what you think! Click here to read all that has happened so far.

Still posting as part of the UBC this month.


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