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Encourage Cat Health & Shiny Coat with CBD Cat Treats

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Cats and dogs come into our lives for only a short time, but their impression on us lasts a lifetime. The primary reason why we shouldn’t overlook their health. Just like humans, they go through anxiety, depression, stress, pain, and so many other health problems. Whether it’s a car ride, fireworks in the backyard, thunderstorms, or a trip to the farmer’s market, your pet could just lose their mind and trap themselves with anxiety. They cannot convey us the pain but being a pet parent it is our responsibility to keep our four-legged family members healthier, happier, and calmer. 

CBD Cat Pet Treats

Being a firm believer in the benefits of CBD can surely help your pet with all sorts of health-related issues. All you need to ensure is to get high-quality products in form of CBD cat pet treats and oil from a reputable company. Keeping our pets healthy using simple, natural ingredients and the very best hemp CBD can ensure them to get the very best every single time. 

Why do cats love CBD?

Cats have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) like humans, plants, and other animals. When cats are anxious, stress agitated, have PTSD from a rescue or suffer from kidney or inflammatory bowel disease (IBS), loss of appetite, arthritis, and aging loss of fur thickness, just 1-2 CBD cat treats a day can deliver them all the amazing relief and omega fatty acids and nutrients that are must for a happy and chilled cat. 

What exactly is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an exciting and highly promising compound found in the hemp plant. It has gone through endless studies for ages by medical experts around the globe to understand the positive effects on humans and animals. 

CBD has always been misunderstood and people often get confused due to its recent disclosure in the media. Although the government of the United States was suspicious about its effects since the late 90s the medical department claimed it to have positive effects on the brain and can improve mental and physical well-being. 

CBD is the second most abundant cannabinoid molecule produced within the hemp plant, behind THC. THC is basically well-known for its effects of getting its users “high.” CBD does not have the same effects as THC on its users. In fact, it works in different ways to potentially help by indirectly interacting with the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors – the primary receptors of the endocannabinoid system. 

Is CBD beneficial for both humans and pets?

As mentioned, research is taking place on a daily basis to uncover the potential benefits of CBD for both humans and pets, but the information we already have indicates its potentiality and overall safety. Even the WHO claimed CBD safely in all mammals does not have any side-effects on one’s health after consumption. 

What is the accurate serving of CBD for cats?

The right measurements are key to accurate servings of CBD. Just like the best ingredients and quality, the right dose is just as important. Always choose the oil or CBD cat treats that are made with broad-spectrum CBD and other soothing ingredients. There are functional treats in the marketplace with an efficacious amount of natural ingredients that will help calm and soothe your pet.

For cats below 20lbs, 1 or 2 treats are enough a day and for cats above 20lbs, 2-3 treats are just right. Start with a small amount of dosage, like cut the treat into half and serve it twice, and for bigger cats, give 2 treats a day unless you determine the right dose. 

On the Contrary

When the whole world is turned upside down, inside out, the unconditional love of our pets is always present. We think we are taking care of them, but they are really taking care of us. The reason why they are more important than many humans around us. So, let’s create a world where pets and people are treated better. CBD cat treats can definitely improve the quality of their lives in a safe, non-toxic, non-addictive, and natural way. 

Your vet might not probably guide you with this and do not even bother asking them. Know your beliefs, know your pet and do your research!

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