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An EOT crane is a very useful machine used in almost every industrial facility today but lacks some of the things that can make it even better. It’s not like they need more maintenance, but when someone is about to buy machinery, it has to make sure that the decision is absolutely right. Following are some common drawbacks and their solution that an EOT crane manufacturer must consider:

Overload alert

These cranes lack the feature of an overload signal. If the load meant to be lifted higher than the crane can lift, so it can face some issues and can also lead to some serious accidents. As a matter of safety, an overload alarm or indication must be installed in the whole crane, not only in some of its parts.

Hook’s upper limit switch

When a bulky load has been lifted, the hoist assembly can collide with the drum. To avoid this serious collision, every crane must have an upper limit switch so that a proper distance is maintained while lifting.

Well built wheels

The end trucks present in these cranes are based on wheels. These wheels carry the runway beams. Some runway beams improperly designed or some additional labour can cause premature wear on the wheels if they are not of top-notch quality. The crane manufacturers often ignore the quality of wheels, which becomes a matter of concern later.

Smooth hoist movement

Hoists are made up of metal chains that need lubrication from time to time, but that’s not enough. Most crane manufacturers avoid a lugging circuit or an anti-circuit needed for the smooth movement of the hoist.

Double emergency switches

A single emergency switch is always provided in a gantry crane so that the process can be stopped immediately if something unfortunate happens. The presence of two emergency stop switches on each side of the crane can reduce the chance of delay in avoiding an accident.

Loud warning horn

While processing cranes can be highly loud, these sounds are produced by the machinery and by chain hoists while lifting. A weak warning signal is often left unheard or is not loud enough to overcome the sound made by the crane. So, a loud warning horn is a very important need an EOT crane must-have.

Secondary brake

Sometimes the primary brake becomes faulty due to overheating or doesn’t work due to power failure. The presence of a secondary brake can continue the process ahead without any issues.

A proper electrification system

When a fuse is blown in a crane, it is the result of a fault in the electrification system. Having a seriously complicated electrification system will worsen the problem. A properly designed electrification system will avoid issues like short circuit and blown fuses.

LOADMATE considers all of the factors and quality checks required to design the perfect EOT cranes. The cranes and other products are well-tested and designed with the best quality of equipment. Visit the website for more information.

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