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Epson 0x97 fix patches | Epson Support | Epson Printer (www.epsonprintersupportpro.net)

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So you are a user of the world’s top printer brand Epson. It’s good to go. Still, you’re not satisfied, Right? Well! If your Epson Printer stops performing as usual as it should be. Don’t worry! In our special series of blogs, we will try to cover all common and specialized printer issues. Here, we will let you encounter the Epson 0x97 fix patch issue with your printers.

What is Epson 0x97 fix patch?

If you find Epson 0x97 fix patch message displayed on the screen while trying to work with the Epson printer, then you need not panic. In this condition, the printer stops all work associated with it, whether it is printing or scanning.

As per the data retrieved from the feedback of so many customers, it has been made clear, that this issue has been found creeping out in different Epson models like WF-4630, WF-7610, WF- 3640.

Objective for handling typical error

By downloading Epson Error 0x97 patches from the official website you will be able to go out of technical error. This error repair utility will help you get out of this technical issue.

Fix Epson Error 0x97 to keep using your printer

Solution 1 Reconet printer and remove jammed paper.

1- First of all cancel printer jobs

2- Unplug USB and other cables connected with your printers. Also, make sure it is disconnected from your pc.

3- Next, open cover of printer, and carefully remove jammed paper.

4-Then remove cartridges and insert them again

5- Press the power button in order to discharge any left residue in the printer

6 Plug back all cables with printer and try to print documents whether it works.

Solution 2: Use alternative ways to switch on and off your printer.

1- Press the power button to switch it off.

2- Then remove all plugged cables, and wait at least for five minutes

3- Push down the power button, and hold it for a minute

4- Keep pressing the button, and plug cable in your printer. Make sure to do both things simultaneously. If you’re not able to do it alone, you can take help from someone.

5- After plugging cable, again keep pressing the power button for the next one minute.

6- Connect the printer with pc, and replug all removed papers, and try to check whether error persists or not.

Method 4- After trying above both steps, if you find a problem is still there, then you can use Windows printer troubleshooter, and try to install missing drivers. In case you’re not able to do the same, you can contact Epson Support team via toll-free number.



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