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Various types of erectile supplements are sold under the name Kamagra. For example, it can be not only tablets, but also candy, jelly called Oral Jelly, effervescent tablets, or a milder version of Kamagra Soft or, on the contrary, a better type of Kamagra Gold. For a better understanding, if I continue to talk about Kamagra tablets, I remember the classic ones.

Kamagra 100 is similar to the well-known Viagra tablet and was launched very soon afterward as a generic tablet. The composition of the preparation is very similar, and in this case, too, Sildenafil is the active ingredient for the functioning of the tablet. But behind Kamagra Oral Jelly is an Indian company that sells the tablet in several countries around the world.

Kamagra is a product of the Indian pharmaceutical company, namely Ajanta Pharma Limited. The company is unknown to Czechs but has a relatively long history since it was founded in 1973. It currently employs several thousand people and has registered 1400 pharmaceutical products.

Kamagra is only one of them, and its shape is similar to Viagra, although the color is slightly different. However, the tablets do not hide what they were inspired to include the abbreviation KGR and the Sildenafil content number. The tablets are already sold in 90 countries, including the home country of Viagra, in the United States.

Similar to Viagra, Kamagra Oral Jelly is based on Sildenafil. It is a substance belonging to vascular medicaments, namely phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. Similarly to the more famous blue pill, 25, 50, or 100 mg tablets are also available in Kamagra Gold, the most common being the last type.

Here is the tablet composition:

Sildenafil: Sildenafil is a substance initially designed to solve cardiovascular difficulties and comes from a drug that was tested in the early 1990s to help patients with heart disease. However, the element has been found to improve blood flow to the p*nis, resulting in an important erection. Of course, after physical stimulation.

In addition to Sildenafil, the tablet itself also contains some other excipients and additives. These are microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, sodium, and dried calcium phosphate. The inspiration of Vidalista 20 is thus evident.

The core of the tablet is coated with a film that is also very similar in composition to the known blue pill. There are hypromellose, titanium dioxide, lactose, triacetin, and indigo carmine lacquer.

Effects OF Kamagra 100

Sildenafil is responsible for loosening and expanding the blood vessels, which increases blood flow to other tissues. This effect is overall not only specific vessels, but the small catheters supplying the erectile bodies in the p*nis respond to Sildenafil and thus comes to an erection.

Kamagra is a medicine that you cannot buy from us, but it is very similar to Viagra. There is a similarity in use, which means that Kamagra 100 is also intended for men who have erectile dysfunction due to p*nile blood circulation problems.

It is easy to use, swallow one tablet, and drink it with water. Excessive use does not lead to better results, which you can also read on the package leaflet rather the occurrence of adverse side effects and side effects. The manufacturer states that according to statistics, Super Kamagra helps in 80% of cases, 20% did not support men tablets.

Let’s look at the effects of Kamagra. Although it is a generic Kamagra, the efficacy of the tablets is relative to the known blue pill. Again, after a few hours, the effect of the preparation begins to decrease, and the effect gradually fades. It is not a robust solution, so you would have to take the tablets every day.

Kamagra also has several side effects on Viagra. I must say that I personally was lucky because nothing serious about me in the short time I had the possibility to try the product did occur. But I know that other men were no longer lucky, and some of the side effects, especially headaches and redness of the skin, “enjoyed.”

Here are the most commonly mentioned side effects of tablets:

Widespread side effects


Hot flashes fever

Redness face

Common side effects


Stomach upset and digestive problems

Eye and hearing problems, eye sensation

Clogged or running nose


Chest pain

Allergic reaction

Sometimes diarrhea, blurred vision, light sensitivity, irregular heartbeat, or low blood pressure may also occur.

These are typical effects of drugs on erectile dysfunction, so even though they can only happen in a minority of cases, you have to count on them. It is not pleasant and needs to accept it.

Contraindications and when Kamagra cannot be used

In addition to the side effects, there are some specific situations and cases that hinder the use of Kamagra Gold 100. These are mainly based on the problem between the active substance Sildenafil and its action on the blood system, the heart, and some other specific processes in the body. As a result, Kamagra is incompatible with some medications and medical conditions.


These are mainly the following situations:


 Diseases that rule out the use


If you have an allergy to Sildenafil or any of the other ingredients found in the core or tablet shell, you should not take Kamagra. Similarly, if you have problems with your heart or liver, or if you have vision problems, you should not take these tablets. Likewise, anemia, leukemia, p*nile deformity, and other diseases or disorders are a problem.


 Other factors excluding the use


As for different situations and cases, Kamagra is not intended for men under 18 years of age. Because of its effects on eyesight, but also because it can cause dizziness, you should not use it while operating machinery or driving a vehicle. Hypersensitivity to lactose or sugars may also be a problem. Taking a tablet with a heavy meal at the same time may delay the onset of its effects;


 Contraindications with medications


The use of drugs containing nitrates or nitric oxide donors is incompatible with the use of Kamagra. Similarly, chest pain medications or medicines used to treat HIV are contraindicated with Kamagra. Alpha-blocker treatment of high pressure or prostate problems must not be combined with Kamagra.


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