In the old times, when we needed to know about something, we would rush to the nearest library and look for an encyclopedia. If it were something commercial, we would try to find a newspaper or yellow pages. It was always a hassle that hindered our learning process, but today a straightforward solution solves this issue, the internet. Not only do you have all the information you need in one place, but it also becomes much more manageable. Moreover, the advancing technologies have made it possible that the internet is available most of the time and in a device that we carry in our pockets. As you already know, the internet introduced the concept of websites in which only your imagination limits the extent of your customization. Anything that you need is just a Google search or a click away.

This was from the consumer’s perspective, what if you are someone who wants to offer these consumers the necessary information. You are in luck as the internet provides you with much bigger opportunities than you could have imagined just a couple of decades ago. You can simply start by setting up a WordPress site and pick a simple theme and build on that. Afterward, you can include some common Labinator WordPress plugins for better management of the website; however, there is still a lot of work left. There are several things that you should take care of while launching your website to make it a success. With these basic guidelines, you will be off to a good start and can expect great things from your website.

Choose the right platform

The platform is the tool available to you while building your website. You have many options available, depending upon your requirements. Do not only search on Google “the best platforms for a website” and pick the first one that you find. Such laziness will cost you a big deal if you are hasty and pick something incompatible with your requirements. Every platform supports websites with varying needs; for example, a website for e-commerce and a website for a simple blog have very contrasting requirements. You should look for another website similar to what you have in mind and try to find out what platform they used. Many people have written articles about the platforms multinational brands use to build their website. Since they have a lot more expertise in their field, you could follow their lead if you want your website like any of them. Though if you are good at website building, you could start from scratch on your own without a platform, but if that were the case, you wouldn’t be reading this article right now.

Choose your domain name

A domain name is whatever name you want to appear before the dot com or dot org. Think of something unique that someone has not already picked and represents your brand’s philosophy. But you should be mindful of domain names that could carry double meanings; it will ruin the name of your brand. For instance, there is a website name “IT Scrap dot com” after the company name IT Scrap, but if you observe, you can also read it as “it’s crap.” Now you wouldn’t want any such thing to happen to your future website, would you?

Choose the right hosting

Hosting is a server where your website is placed for it to be online. There are several hosting companies, but you must not just go for the first one you find. Each hosting company charges a monthly or annual fee depending upon the services that they provide. You should consider your requirement and decide accordingly. You can also read the reviews about them because if you choose a terrible host that goes offline very often for maintenance, it will affect the traffic on your site. Secondly, an excellent hosting site also has security measures to avoid any breach or, more commonly, a DDOS attack, which has been increasing, research concludes. Hackers use DDOS attacks to take down websites, and it works on a simple principle, sending millions of requests to the host server quickly, so it gets overloaded and shuts down. However, an excellent hosting service filters such spam requests before forwarding them to your website and hence saving you from the attack.

Set some standards for your website

If you are launching a business or merely a blog, you must set some standards for your site that it must maintain. Without such standards in place, your site will just be another invisible website on the internet. These benchmarks will give you a fair idea later when you try to assess if your site is successful or not. These standards will become the identity of your website or brand.

Design your site well

They say that the first impression is the last. The first impression people will get while visiting your website will be from the design and layout. Since you might be using the website for commercial purposes, this will be very bad for your business, and you should put immense thought into the process of design. Your design should represent the idiosyncrasy of your brand. Do not use those free templates available; you might want to invest at this stage for better results as you embark upon your journey.

Test your website before launching

Though you might have done your homework, it is better to test your website’s visibility just to be sure. You do not want an embarrassing situation launching a half-cooked webpage that has several bugs. The test is simple; you have to answer some fundamental questions. Can you easily read the displayed content? Can you access the website from multiple browsers? Is your website mobile friendly? The last question, in particular, is crucial as the number of mobile users is on the rise, and Google may not rank your website if it is not mobile-friendly. That means that, even with good SEO in place, your website will not appear in the search results if someone searches anything related to your website’s content.

Once done with these preliminary but immensely essential steps, your website should be ready.


Though the internet has made it easier to publish your content, you are not the only one who has this privilege. There are many competitors whom you must beat if you want your website to do well. It all starts with the steps you follow while setting up your website. Without working on these basic guidelines, you will only be wasting your time as people may not even notice your website.

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