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Due to their functionality and attractive designs, sliding doors are very popular in the contemporary world. They lack conventional hinges and utilize the installed track for their smooth operation. Each panel of such doors has glass from the bottom to the top to brighten up the inside of a room and bring natural light in. By installing them at the right place, you can improve the elegance and functionality of your sliding glass doors.

Here are all that you should know about interior sliding glass doors:

Where to install

Sliding glass doors are ideal for both exterior and interior doors of your home. You can choose them for your kitchen, bedroom, living room, and even for the bathroom if you have space issues. Here you have to ensure your privacy and the right type of sliding doors.

If you think to install sliding doors outside, you can select terraces, patios, or gardens. You need to avoid installing them at the entrance or garage of your residential complex security reasons.

The types of sliding doors

The sliding doors that come with curtain rods are famous, as they don’t require extra space for hanging curtains. Such doors contain two layers of glasses, the opening of the doors happen by overlapping the fixed glass window. You should opt them for the kitchen, gardens, and patios.

Hanging sliding doors are installed with a rail laying on the top part of the door and slide along the wall. For the installation of such doors, you have to free up the wall space as per the width and length of the doors. Further, there are wall sliding doors that use the wall pockets to slide for their opening and closing operations. You can install them to wardrobes, and the doors disappear when you open them.

The parts of the sliding glass doors

Like other objects, your sliding glass doors are made of several parts. And you need to know them well to keep your doors well maintained for their smooth opening and closing. The door parts are frames, handles, locks, tracks, rollers, stoppers, and glasses. By knowing the parts well, you will be able to comprehend to find out what is working and what is not working if anything occurs with the operation of your doors.

The sizes of sliding glass doors

Sliding doors are available in an extensive array of sizes. They will come up wall space after opening if you are installing interior sliding glass doors. For better value to your money and home look, you must do the measurement of the space where you want to install the sliding glass doors. You should consider other options if you have very limited space.

What material to choose for the sliding doors  

Typically, sliding doors come up with a big glass in a vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, or wooden frame. When it comes to selecting a material for your sliding door frames, you need to think about your style choices, energy consumption, security, privacy, weather considerations, installation space and colors. Suppose that you value protection a lot. Go with wooden sliding doors.

The maintenance of sliding doors

Installing sliding doors anywhere in your home is an excellent option. However, you need to get ready to take proper care of the doors when you decide to install sliding glass doors. Frequent maintenance is critical especially for the place like gardens and front doors. For the maintenance of your exterior sliding glass doors, you need to keep the outer frame neat and clean to ensure smooth operation. Remove dirt, dust and other small particles from the bottom and upper parts of the tracks and frames by regular vacuuming.


Sliding doors allow you easy access while coming in or out of your home. They make your life comfortable by bringing outside in, reducing your energy consumption, and enhancing the appearance of your abode. Before you install them, you must know their parts, the place for installation, types, sizes, materials, and maintenance. Information on all these will facilitate you enhance the life of your doors.

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