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Fortnite introduced spy game challenges and looks like some new that never seen before. Fortnite is popular for its latest innovations of challenges and content for players. This time they have focused on those players who acquired premium pass. In this new innovative idea of Fortnite, they are just about to make players getting into the challenge. Just like the previous season of Fortnite, they added some hidden locations and missions that were visible only for those players who had premium pass. The main reason for these challenges is that Fortnite wants the players to invest in the game for a longer time and reach the maximum level of battle pass. Whoever completes these challenges and missions will obtain several amazing skins, cosmetics, and characters to play.

The latest season is enjoyable, and the theme of this season is Spy, where players have to choose a team among two. One side is Shadow, whereas the second side is Ghost. Both of these sides have their challenges that provide particular items of cosmetics depend on the side they choose. Spy game challenge looking great, and players can get sever benefits of it by taking part.

Alongside spy game challenges, there are many more things added with the new update in Fortnite. From a long time, it was just a rumor that Fortnite is going to add Helicopters in the game, and finally, they have added, and players can navigate map while flying the Helicopter. In the map of Fortnite, Helicopter Pads are added where the Oil Rig site destroyed utterly. The design of Lockers converted in all-new along with the Loadout Gift feature. Several things have changed in the game, and Helicopter is one of the most interesting things that will change the goal of the game. Spy games have presented the player’s new objectives to jump into.

What’s New In Spy Games

Spy games are all about playing operation matches and ensure the Intel. Every part of Intel can be collected along with the help of unlocking extra tech from Shadow or Ghost. Great thing about these operation matches is that players can use every tech while playing and also can switch between Shadow and Ghost if willing to get it all. Spy games are also adding new bonuses and perks for gamers. Before playing the spy games, players need to choose one team between Ghost or the Shadow. Both teams have different tech equipment that will be provided to players. So if you want any particular item you like, then look into the team they are offering and join it.

Ghost Tech – Starter AR, Proximity Mine, Move Faster While Crouching, Faster Reload, Regenerate While Swimming, Starter Semi-Auto Sniper.

Shadow Tech – Swim Faster, Starter Submachine Gun, Starter Pump Shotgun, Increased Starting Ammo, Gunsmith, Compact Bandage Bag.

There will be three several options available for players to choose from. When the player drops in the match, they will roll out for beginner perks. Every perk will enhance the weapon and moments of the player while the goal of the team will be killing 150 enemies as soon as possible. There you will see something different from battle royale match, and it is that you will be spawned if you died. Side of the area of battle will be smaller than usual that will keep the players closer. In the match there is no weapon available, you will just have those weapons that you choose at the time of loadout. If you want to win the game, then just remember one thing that you need to be aware of your surroundings, and that is why jump when you feel someone is nearby. There are challenges related to the first round of spy games.

  • Win a single match in Operation match.
  • Eliminate enemies in the Operation match.
  • Deal great damage to enemies in Operation match.

In the operation match, you need to be with friends. If you try to play solo against the enemies, then you might don’t get what you are looking to have, and that is how you are going to win. Keep connected with friends and guide them when required, and obtain the highest number of records. According to the challenges and rewards, competition for this will grow. You will receive your rewards every when a week will over.

It’s an old technique but quite effective to bring back players into the game by adding new content, rewards, and competitive challenge. Every week of the game, you will earn new rewards if you complete challenges. There is no place to get bored because there is always something new in the game to explore, and Spy game challenges is a fresh example of it. Spy games are full of challenges but providing attractive skins, weapons, and levels for the battle pass.

Source :- https://instoffice.com/blog/everything-to-know-about-fortnite-spy-game-challenges/

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