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Playing games is always fun and new games are launching every month which expands the range of options available for us. Nexomon: Extinction is one of the latest additions in the list of top games. This monster-catching game comes with an intriguing story, and the gameplay involves eccentric characters and over 300 Nexomon to catch. This game seems to be having similar gameplay as Pokémon, but that does not make the value of this game go low as it carries its charm. The best part about Nexomon: Extinction is that it is available for both Xbox One and PS4. In this article, we are going to have a look at the gameplay and other significant features of Nexomon: Extinction. Let’s scroll down and find more about this game.

Talking about the story of the game, you become a part of the guild of tamers as a mute orphan. When the game starts, you are given a Nexomon of your choice, and you are also rewarded with the powers of fighting and catching other Nexomon. Your task is to save humanity on the planet by catching the evil and tyrant Nexomon, who have brought the disturbances in the world. You get to understand the process of fighting and saving the world as the game progresses. If you have already played a Pokémon game, then Nexomon: Extinction is going to be easy for you to understand. There are similar combats, monsters, and other characters in this game, as in the Pokémon game. There are tamers available in various parts of the game to prepare you for the battle. There are a lot of monsters out there in the game, and you would surely not want to quit the game before you have captured everyone.

The combats in this game are different from Pokémon games, but they are interesting. Your XP keeps improving as you show active participation in the game. A small amount of XP is improved when you are inactive, and your team is fidgeting. There are 6 Nexomon in one party, and active participation from every one of them is required to progress in the game otherwise, they will stay under-utilized and at a low level. You will also have to spend a significant amount of time to make your party stronger while balancing it with the efforts of gaining more XP.

However, the gameplay like Nexomon: Extinction, has appeared already and seems familiar, this game is still appealing. You are going to love the old-school RPG adventure there. This game looks beautiful as you see a lot of colors on your screen, and 2D hand-drawn animations are just wonderful. This is a big space that you will like exploring while collecting the treasure and fighting and trapping more than 300 Nexomon. The humor is also included in this game as you are accompanied by Coco on your journey in this game. Coco drops funny one-liners, which makes you chuckle and make the game interesting for you.

The price is certainly crucial while talking about a new game, and the affordability of  Nexomon: Extinction is one of the best parts of this game. You can buy this game for $20, and in return, you get hours of exploring exciting combats and a great gaming experience, which looks like a good value for your money.

Nexomon: Extinction might be overshadowed by the Pokémon series but the humorous and captivating story and a low price make it one of the best games to buy. This game has received a good ranking of 8 by a popular gaming community, and if you are looking to play some game that is humorous, affordable, and light, then Nexomon: Extinction is a good pick.

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