Preparing for the session and passing exams and tests is the critical period in the student’s life. Seriously preparing for the session and successfully passing all the exams is the duty of each student. Writing the essays and different types of assignments are often included in the exam. And not every student has skills and willingness to write these works. Lots of them prefer to buy a work and be free for doing some other thing that are more important for them. Nowadays, there are lots of agencies engaged in performing custom college essays and providing the students with quality works.  

The main thing in preparing for the session is the repetition of all the material, course or subject in which you need to take an exam. Such a repetition involves the generalization, deepening, and in some cases the expansion of the knowledge acquired over the semester.

Student Preparation for Exams

If a student did not work well in the semester, missed lectures or listened inattentively and did not take notes, did not study the recommended literature, then in the process of preparing for the session he would not have to repeat what he already knew, but again to study all the material that his friends had learned seriously, in a short time, thoroughly and in stages during the semester. For such a student, preparing for exams will be difficult and sometimes overwhelming. Here are some tips that can help the student to overcome these problems.

  • Prepare for the session from the first days of the semester: do not miss lectures, work on consolidating the lecture material, and perform all practical and laboratory work.
  • Start the repetition and generalization of the material long before the session (about a month).
  • Before repeating the training material, it is necessary to once again check the standard and work programs (available in the university’s library, in the teaching room or in the corresponding department), which taught. In case of any ambiguity, the necessary clarifications should be obtained from the teacher.
  • Prepare for the exam every day in the same room and at the same workplace, because in this case, an associative relationship is established between the environment and the process of information processing. This makes it possible in the future to reproduce on the exam all the smallest details of this situation (which is quite easy to do), and through the established associative connections – the very information that needed to be remembered directly for the exam. There are also other artificial techniques for memorizing, of which there are a great many and which should be in the arsenal of each student.

But one of the important conditions for strengthening memory is its constant training. Although the idea that repetition is the mother of learning is not original, one cannot fail to say once again that this particular exercise is the most effective and efficient.

  • Start the repetition by reading the abstracts. Having carefully read the material on the subject, proceed to a thorough repetition of the topics and sections. At this stage of the repetition, a textbook and additional literature recommended by the teacher should be used. When repeating, one cannot limit oneself only to summaries, for everything is written very briefly, concisely in them, only the most basic. University disciplines must be learned quite widely, taking into account the entire curriculum. This can only be done with the help of a textbook and additional literature.
  • Repeat material on topics. It is necessary to achieve its distinct assimilation. Repetition, basically, must be completed the day before the exam, so that the repeated and fixed material “defended” in the mind and memory. In this case, there will be some reserve of time for finalizing any omissions, and the answers in the exam will be calmer, more confident, without undue stress. If a student comes to the exam without even having read his entire synopsis and continues to “study” at the door of the audience, where his comrades already pass the exam, then he demonstrates the worst kind of scholarship, indifference to classes and irresponsibility.

In the days of preparation for exams, avoid excessive overload of mental work, adhere to a hygienic regimen, alternate work and rest.

On the day preceding the exam, do no more than 19 hours. It is better to sleep on this day for a walk somewhere in a quiet place (park, forest), to gather your thoughts, but in no case be distracted by extraneous matters. Have breakfast in the morning. Then for the exam you will come awake and confident in your abilities. After passing the exam, devote the rest of the day to rest, go to the theater, to the stadium or to the cinema. And do not forget to get ready for the next exam. 

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