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Pho is one of the most popular dishes that originated in Vietnam. There are different types of Pho that you can find in any pho restaurant near you. Some of those are Pho bo, Pho Ga, and tofu pho. It is a highly versatile dish as it is available for vegans, vegetarians, and non-vegetarians.

You can quickly determine the quality of Pho by judging the quality of the broth. People love the broth not only because it is healthy, delicious, and eye-pleasing. There are many health benefits associated with broth. Some of those are mentioned below-

1. Bone broth takes good care of your gut

The gastronomical tract, commonly known as the gut, is responsible for breaking down the food particles and absorbing nutrients. The nutrients are then transferred to other body parts through blood vessels. The pho broth enriched with bone marrow and herbs is responsible for maintaining gut health. It strengthens the gut walls and prevents leakages throughout the tract. If you have a weak gut, then the broth can be highly beneficial for your health.

2. Highly effective for improving joint health

The different types of protein present in the broth, like collagen, are responsible for maintaining bone and joint health. The bone marrow blends perfectly with the broth, so your daily protein intake is complete in just one meal when you consume a bowl of broth. The bone marrow also strengthens the bone and reduces joint inflammation. So, Pho is the perfect food for those suffering from joint disorders like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and bursitis.

3. Promotes good sleep

In recent years, more insomnia and lack of proper sleep have been a matter of concern. Taking prescription drugs for inducing sleep might not be a good idea unless the situation is critical. Many people resort to alternatives to modern medicine to fight insomnia. With changes in food habits, you can cure insomnia to a certain extent. 

Pho is one of the superfoods that also induces sleep. The amino acids in broth break food down the food particles, improve digestion, and induces sleep. So, many people order Pho for dinner at Pho Quyen Vietnamese Cuisine in Tampa, FL.

4. It helps you achieve your weight loss goals

Who doesn’t want to keep eating and lose weight? Thankfully, if you love Pho, then you can eat and still lose weight without worry. The pho broth has very low calorie and carbohydrate content. It satisfies hunger and plays a crucial role in getting rid of belly fat. Pho broth also helps in practicing better control over your appetite. 


The other benefits of Pho broth include improving the immune system, being the rich source of protein, and alert brain activities. Pho is also one of the best hangover dishes that cures aches and makes your body more alert of the surroundings. You can try Pho at Pho Quyen, known for Vietnamese Cuisine in Tampa, FL. You can also do your research and find the best pho restaurant near you.

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