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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 remains one of the best smartphones offered by Samsung till now. However, it is currently suspended by Samsung, but Galaxy Note 9 offers some great features and a fantastic camera.

If you are a Galaxy Note 9 user and facing some issues in your handset, then stay tuned as we will be discussing five common Galaxy Note 9 problems and their potential solutions.

Problem 1: No Fast Charging

Galaxy Note 9 is fully capable of charging itself at a rapid speed. However, if your smartphone is not able to charge at an instantaneous rate, then you can look for the below-mentioned solutions:

  • Make sure your charging block and cable are compatible. You must have received an adaptive fast charger with the set, but wear and tear affect its functionality. So, if your fast charging is not working, then you can also go for a new USB C cable.
  • Always keep your charging port clean. The best way to do it is by spraying it with a compressed air duster.
  • If your phone is not charging at a rapid speed, then don’t forget to check your settings. Go to “Settings” then “Device Care”, then “Battery” and finally click on “Charging” and switch ON the Fast Charging toggle, if it is disabled.

Problem 2: Screen Discoloration after Updating

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 still receives software updates to improve its performance. However, many users face the discoloration issue after updating with the latest software. The potential solutions to this problem are:

  • Back-up your data and wipe off your phone’s cache partition. To perform the “Wipe Cache Partition,” turn off your device and when the Samsung boot logo appears, press the Volume Down Key and select the Wipe Cache Partition by pressing the Power Key.
  • If this doesn’t work, then you can go to the local Samsung store and get it replaced.

Problem 3: Overheating Issues

Overheating of the device is not a new issue among smartphone users. But it can reflect a big problem if your Note 9 is getting overheated more significantly.

  • If you are facing this problem very often, then contact your local Samsung store, as overheating reflects a faulty battery and if it is ignored, it can lead to a severe fire hazard.

Problem 4: Camera Buzzing While Zooming

Note 9 offers exceptional camera quality. But many users have complained of a buzzing sound while using their camera.

  • The only potential solution to this problem is getting your hardware checked at your local Samsung store.

Problem 5: Inconsistent Top Speaker

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 uses a lower speaker and the earpiece at the top of your phone for stereo sound. But, some users are facing some issues with their earpiece at the top. This can be a potential sensor problem at the top of your phone. Some users claim it’s a safety feature as the top speaker is fully-fledged and it lowers the volume if it detects loud noise.

  • Clearing your device’s cache can do the trick.
  • You can check Samsung’s troubleshooting guide for speakers for any potential solution.
  • Try to keep objects away from your device’s sensors.


The problems as mentioned above are some of the common issues which Note 9 users are facing consistently. If you are also facing the same issue, then you can go through the potential solutions as mentioned above.

source: Five Common Galaxy Note 9 Problems and Their Solutions

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