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After a long break, Fortnite has recently launched an exciting challenge i.e., Remedy vs. Toxin, for gamers to enjoy in the leisure time. The latest set of challenges are basically based on heading specific locations, dealing damage, earning accolades, and medals. To begin with, users are required to reach Battle Pass tier 40 to get the Remedy vs. Toxin outfit, then accomplish the following mission and earn the Purple style as a reward. Here is the full breakdown of how to complete such challenges conveniently.

1. Visit Three Separate Food Trucks:

There are lots of Fortnite food trucks present around the island, involving the Classic fork knife joint. In this challenge, users need to swing by three different trucks in total. Some of the Food truck locations are:

  • In the Northwest of Pleasant Park, Durrr Burger.
  •  In the South of Retail Row, Snow Cones.
  • In the Southeast of Salty Springs, Pizza Pit.
  • In the North of Lazy Lake, Fork Knife.

2. Get Silver Survivor Reward:

In a standard match, when a user gets down to the top 25 players, then the silver survivor medal will be available on your punchcard. So, it is highly suggested that to stay out of danger until many gamers remain and do the same three times to win the challenge.

3. SMG Elimination:

To complete the challenge, players just need to access the Team Rumble mode and use SMG to secure eliminations in the game. As we know, Team Rumble is one of the convenient options present to accomplish such sorts of challenges effortlessly.

4. Look for Chests at Landmarks:

As we know, there are around 60 different landmarks in the Fortnite game across the map. So, it will be convenient to locate some house chests in seven of them.

5.  Max out Both Shield and Health in Different Matches:  

In this challenge, players need to reach 100 of both shields and health in three different matches. For that, you can use a medkit to max out Health and a shield potion to reach 100 of the shield easily.

6. Deal Damage with a rare, uncommon and common weapon in a single match:

Eliminate the opponents with rare (blue), uncommon (green), and common (grey) weapons in a single match. Find your way to the Team Rumble mode and keep an eye to locate such weapons with those colors.

7. Deal Damage to Opponent Buildings:

Deal damage to your enemies’ structures until you reach the target figure i.e., 2500. Most importantly, explosive weapons can help to complete the challenge more efficiently. So, it is better to use them rather than wasting ammo of other common weapons.

8. Visit Separate Bus Stops in a Single Match:

On the side of the many roads, players can locate Fortnite bus stops easily. And you need to pass by three of the bus stops to complete the challenge in the same match.  

9. Deal Damage with Weapons to Earn Weapons Specialist Accolades:

Gamers will get a Weapon Specialist Accolade by dealing damage of 250 with a certain sort of weapon in a single match. So, make sure to access the Team Rumble mode and stick with your favorite weapon until you earn a medal. After that, you can move on to a different one and enjoy the game accordingly.

10. Be first to land from Battle bus, attain an elimination, or find a fish:

In the challenge, make sure to jump from the Battle bus as fast as the door opens as there are lots of players participating as well. After that, try to skydive down as soon as possible to land on the location first. Otherwise, find your way to the fishing spot and get a rod, or pick up a weapon and head straight for elimination before other gamers.

Ashley Miller is a Mcafee product expert and has been working in the technology industry since 2002. As a technical expert, she has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as mcafee.com/activate.

Source: https://emilyjohnso731.wordpress.com/2020/01/14/fortnite-chapter-2-remedy-vs-toxin-challenges-guide/

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