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Fortnite: Locate the Car Parts

The Season 5 Week 2 challenges have arrived, but this time challenges are entirely different. Epic Games has made several major changes on the map and challenges. Now, after the modification of the map, players are receiving new challenges too. The challenges of Week 1 were completely different from the previous season’s challenges. The developers have also added a new way to grind level and get premium items.

In Week 2, players have to complete several challenges related to cars. From finding car parts to driving over a specific area, players must complete every mission to obtain rewards. Among several missions, there’s a mission in which players have to find car parts. This mission is among the most tricker missions of Week 2, so if you’re willing to complete it, here is the guide for you.

What are Car Parts?

Cars are new content for the players of Fortnite, and to make this season so interesting, developers have decided to explore something related to cars. Now players have to find three different pieces of the car that are scattered around the map. Without knowing the exact location of car parts, it could be a bit trickier than usual. To find the locations of car parts first.

Locate the Car Parts

Fortunately, if any player knows the parts’ location, it won’t take much time to complete. To start the journey to find the car parts, players should start from the eastern central side of the map. Players can find two car parts on the same site, and for that, players have to move into the Compact Cars site. Both of the car pieces are lying near a small scrapyard.

The third and final car piece is located in a different area. For finding the third car piece, you have to visit Dirty Docks. This area is much bigger than the Compact Cars area, but things could get easier if you know the exact location. Look over the center of Dirty Docks and look for two shipping crates close to a tree. You’ll find the third car piece close to the tree.

The only thing in this mission matter is obtaining the car pieces. You don’t have to follow any certain route to find the car pieces or complete the mission. Simply if you are aware of the location, you can choose which one to obtain first and register it in your collection. Some players have found car parts in some unusual areas like Dirty Docks, so it’s also a good option to save time.

While playing the following mission, players should remember one thing: prepare for the battle against enemies. There are only a few locations where car parts can be found, so there are high chances of encountering enemies in common areas.


Epic Games have successfully given players different playing experience from these new changes on the map. Developers indeed replace a few locations on the map, but players will find many unique spots and huge sites on the map in this season. Now to complete the finding car parts mission, players should know about the new spots on the map. So the best thing players should do is explore the map first.

Source: Fortnite: Locate the Car Parts

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