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Genshin Impact’s recent update 1.1 has brought plenty of new items and characters for the fans. Developers have also extended the storyline of the game with more surprises. This new update arrived in the first week of November, but players became interested in the game after getting new characters and new content. Now travelers have to find more additional things like Bamboo Shoots that usually appear in the Liyue region.

The Travelers are already spending most of the time playing the Unreconciled Star event, which also arrived after update 1.1. While discovering resources and quests, players face several challenges like regular enemies, powerful bosses, and puzzles. The developer of Genshin Impact also focused on some new recipes to cook. Now players can cook more exciting items with newly released recipes. However, players that recently started the game might face slight trouble while cooking. It requires proper ingredients, and now some new recipes require Bamboo Shoots to cook dishes. 

This new cooking material, Bamboo Shoots, is pretty unique, but players don’t have to invest so much of their time to find it. As mentioned earlier, it usually appears near the bamboo stalks in Teyvat’s Liyue region. Right, players can find most of them near bamboo groves near the west/southwest side of the Qingce Village. The good thing for players is that they can directly teleport there through waypoints.

Players can either use waypoints to teleport or try some other way to reach the Bamboo grove. Players can find some Bamboo Shoots locations by looking at the bamboo icons on the map. But probably, there will be more Bamboo Shoots close to the icons. While looking for Bamboo Shoots, players need to be careful of their surroundings. Players can find more different types of items like Glaze Lilies and the Jueyun Chili. By collecting these items, players can increase their Battle Pass levels. Additionally, players can obtain both of these items from the in-game store.

The Bamboo Shoot Soup and the Triple-Layered Consomme are the results of Bamboo Shoots. Players have to prepare Bamboo Shoots for these two recipes but can purchase both in Liyue. So if any player wants to have perfect recipes, they can rely on multiple sources. Both of these recipes have their benefits and bonus effects for the players. The Bamboo Shoot Soup provides 30 seconds of HP regeneration and HP healing to the traveler. The Triple-Layered Consomme improves the strength of the shield.

These new resources are beneficial for those who can consume it, but only a few players in Genshin Impact can consume it right now. The Horsetail, Loach Pearls, and Shoots are currently useful for limited characters. But in the future, developers might expand its limit for more characters.


miHoYo has done a great job by adding most of the missing features in the game. Now there’s a huge list of characters in the game. The new update 1.1 has brought nearly 5-6 new characters, and all of them have different elemental skills and abilities. But right now, Bamboo Shoots is useful for only a few characters. To improve the abilities of a character, resources help a lot.

Source: Genshin Impact: Locate the Bamboo Shoots

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