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Google Drive offers impressive features and a lot of free storage to keep things going, and one can extend the storage limit as well. But when it comes to a professional field, its features become limited and fail to offer solutions for business- or work-related issues. It is where Google App Scripts come to the rescue. It engages scripting languages to solve your problems, and it is easy to use and understand. 

Its scripts allow you to read text from the images, convert files in various formats, save Gmail attachments, and more. It is also known for debugging App Scripts in the browser. In short, it fills all the loopholes that Google Drive cannot, and before you begin to use it, you need to follow the steps mentioned below to set up the Google App Script:

  1. Open a Google Doc or Sheet on your device. 
  2. Open Tools menu and select the Script editor.
  3. Remove existing code in the box and add your code. 
  4. Go to File and click on Save. Then, add script name and select OK.
  5. To execute, go to the Run menu and select a function. If you’re running the script for the first time, it will ask for your authentication. Check the required permissions and click Allow.
  6. A yellow bar will appear at the center-top of your screen. It indicates that the script is running.

Please note these steps will create and run the scripts on the Drive. Following are the things you can do with Google Apps Script:

Convert and Email Google Sheets

Google Apps Script helps you convert Google Sheets into PDF, which will become easy for you to share on Gmail. You can also correct and share a single sheet, which can be useful when you want to share only some parts to the spreadsheet to a third-party. This will ensure that you don’t create new spreadsheets, and you’ll be able to share the information freely without compromising on privacy. Users will be free to share the PDF with multiple people by adding their addresses. 

Convert Images

Using the Optical character recognition technology, Google App Script converts the images into text documents and saves them in your Drive. You can use it when you need to edit texts in pictures or do some reports work on a bunch of pictures. You can also edit and search for the converted images, and save your time and efforts to get the best outputs. 

Save Web Page

You can take backup or save the URL of a webpage on your Google Drive. It will fetch the webpage and will save them as an HTML file by default. In some cases, it might be saved as your configured extensions. If you’re someone who has to do a lot of research for their work or education, this will help you with your tasks. It will also save your time as it organizes the folders containing multiple webpages and their copies. Do not forget to change the ‘RESOURCE_URL’ in the snippet of the link you want to download. 

Share Google Docs

You can share Google Docs via Email, and the contents on the document will convert into an email’s body rather than an attachment. You can share the documents as a part of the email. It will convert the doc into HTML, and the converted format can be shared via email as well. Remember, in the fourth line, you will have to change documentId, recipient, and subject to their actual values. 

Download Instagram pictures

You can download multiple Instagram pictures and save them directly on your Google Drive. The images can be downloaded even if they include any tags and belong to a particular Instagram URL. All the photos will be saved in a separate folder so that you can access them easily. 

Google Sheets conversion

People who regularly use Google Sheets and Google Apps ecosystem can earn some brownie points by converting Google Sheets into CSV files and PDF invoices. Users can easily convert the sheets as individual CSV files in the Drive. This format will let you store, use, and share your data. All you need to do is copy the code into the Script Editor, re-open that spreadsheet and check the Add-ons menu. To save the files easily in Google Drive, you can convert them into PDF format.

There are a lot of other things you can do with Google Apps Script and make the best use of it. Some of the other features include PDF conversion, downloading Google Profiles on Google Sheets, combining data from multiple sheets, and more. 

source: https://storeaddresses.com/blog/google-app-scripts-to-use-for-accessing-the-google-drive/

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