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Growtopia is a game that resembles minecraft but with 2D appearance. This game is an online game, and we can show all our creativity here. The slogan of Growtopia is “Punch , Build , Grow”.

I’ll tell you the Beginner’s Guide. i had choosen the best ways (only for Newbie’s)

1st find a random untouch world, a world which you going to CLEAR and get the SEEDS. Clear the world to the bottom.. Do it layer by layer which is easier for you. Collect all the seeds you get from breaking.

By the time, you got 50 gems from breaking. then, buy a Small Lock from store.. Put the small lock on top of the white door. Place 2 dirt on each side of the white door to stop people from coming in to your world. Continue breaking to bottom. When you’re done, it’s time to plant something.


Rock and Lava seeds(not splice) Then place & break all the blocks you got for seeds. when you get more rock seeds, it’s begin!

Splice Rock Seed + Dirt Seed to get grass seed. Grass is highly farmable so just plant and break.

Splicd Lava + Dirt to make woodblock. woodblock is a farmable too, so farm it!

When you get 200 Wood Block & Grass Seed,

Splice Wood Block + Grass to make Wooden Platform, 200 Platform can be sold for 1 WL.

You earn your 1st World Lock. Taadaaaa lock your world with it.

Wooden Platform is farmable so, keep farming.

When you have enough WLs, go BUY FARMABLE..

Like Venus Seed 40-50/WL

Like Blackrock Wall 40-50/WL

Then, slowly fit your world with the Platform you made.

WARNING: Don’t even break the /rules.

I also have been played Growtopia World Locks for 2 Years!

Do not trust everyone but your self.

Ok, now make an House Entrance for your world:

Dirt + Cave Background = Door

Lava + Rock = Glass Pane

Grass + Door = Wooden Background

Wooden Background + Glass Pane = Window

Window + Door = Dungeon Door

Dungeon Door + Door = House Entrance

Ok, now you’re ready to farm in your world xD

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