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The 2018 Honda PCX 150 is Honda’s premium automatic scooter model. Its launch is to fill the high-end scooter segment of all Honda scooter product variants. Through this product, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) offers more competitive prices than previous models.

Judging from its history, AHM first introduced the Honda PCX125 in 2010. Only two years later, the Japanese manufacturer launched a second-generation product, which was launched in 2012-2018 and its status is fully assembled (CBU) in Thailand and Vietnam.

It is different from the third-generation product launched in 2018, which is assembled locally in Indonesia, making the price more competitive, but with more features and based on consumer needs.

Honda PCX 150 2021 looks luxurious and elegant

As a premium scooter, Honda PCX 150 2021 provides an elegant and luxurious design. On this motorcycle, you can find all the parts that have become the standard for premium 150 cc scooter, such as the footrest area, which makes the rider more relaxed.

This premium scooter is equipped with a 150 cc engine, single piston, liquid-cooled 2-valve SOHC, and has PGM-FI fuel injection. Engine technology relies on eSP (Enhanced Intelligent Power Supply). The piston size is 57.3 mm and the piston stroke is 57.9 mm.

Honda PCX 150 2021 has 2 types, namely CBS (combined braking system) and ABS (anti-lock braking system). The selling price of the CBS type is 298.43 billion rupees, and the selling price of the ABS type is 32.842 billion rupees. Except for the type of brake, all characteristics are the same among all types. This motorcycle offers a variety of colors for you to choose from, including: glossy matte black, royal companion blue, magnificent matte brown, majestic matte red, and wonderful white.

More detailed information

The Honda PCX 150 2021 has considerable dimensions, with a length of 1,923 mm, a width of 745 mm, and a height of 1,107 mm. The seat height reaches 764 mm, which is still very comfortable for the average Indonesian posture. The minimum distance to the ground is 137 mm. In terms of weight, the wet weight of this motorcycle is 131 kg (CBS) and 132 kg (ABS).

Honda PCX 150 2021 engine has high fuel efficiency

Honda PCX 150 2021 is built on a dual-bracket frame, designed to provide greater fuel tank capacity and enough space behind the seat. The frame is combined with a telescopic front suspension and a dual-mode rear suspension.

However, the braking system is different. For Honda PCX 150 2021 CBS type, the front brake caliper consists of 3 pistons. When the driver pulls the rear brake lever, the piston in the front brake caliper will help braking. In the ABS type, the braking system will prevent the wheels from locking when braking firmly. The ABS used is single-channel and only applies to the front wheels.

Looking at the dashboard area of the Honda PCX 150 2021, the complex halo is strongly emitted. The instrument panel is fully digital with speed, time, fuel gauge, odometer, 1-2 trips, and fuel consumption indicators. There are indicator lights on both sides of the screen, such as turn signal lights, remote control lights, smart key indicator lights, idling stop system, engine temperature and ABS.

The dashboard of the Honda PCX 150 2021 is digital

Other electronic functions of the motorcycle include lights all using LED technology, which are bright and save power consumption. There is also a power socket in the storage space under the handlebar.

Regarding the final performance, it has the characteristics of a square engine, which means that the piston size and piston stroke are almost the same. This type of machine has the same powerful engine characteristics from bottom to middle to high engine speed. This is definitely suitable for use on busy city roads or quiet roads outside the city.

The driving comfort of the Honda PCX 150 2021 is well known to many people. The low seat position, flexible footrest and low handlebar position provide comfort for short and long distance riders.

Price of used Honda PCX 150 2021

From the perspective of the second-hand price market, the third-generation Honda PCX 150 is quoted from 21 million rupiah to 29 million rupiah. It depends on the type (CBS/ABS), year and conditions. The depreciation of the selling price is higher than the previous two generations of products because there are many products available on the market.

In conclusion

For those who are looking for an elegant and luxurious quality scooter, the Honda PCX 150 2021 can be an option. The standard functions are very powerful and complete. Only the difference between the types in the braking system is very worthwhile and can be used as a consumer’s choice. In addition, comfortable riding posture and low fuel consumption are also the advantages of this motorcycle.

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