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For Gin lovers, Craft Gin is something special, but how do you know for sure that what you are drinking is actually Craft Gin? With the increase in the number of people who are loving the taste of Gin, many large scale distilleries are branding their mass produced gin as Craft Gin in order to attract more customers, when it actually isn’t.

Craft Gin is made by small scale distillers, usually a family run distillery, creating small quantities of a very high quality product, made because of their own love for Gin. The ingredients are usually locally sourced, and over time they have come up with fantastically unique recipes for their product, with the owners having a hand in the operation from sourcing the ingredients to the actual distilling of the Gin and sending it out.

So how can you tell if you are drinking real Craft Gin?

  • The people behind your bottle are real people – What makes Craft Gin, a craft Gin, are the people behind it. These people are passionate about their product and about Gin in general, and the product is handcrafted by them. Craft Gin distillers are usually a close-knit family operation, a simple husband and wife team or may even be a few friends who love Gin.
  • They are small-batch Gin – Although Craft Gin is small-batch Gin, it doesn’t really have the same meaning as ‘small-batch Gin’. For most Craft Gin distillers, it’s all about creating their own unique recipe and product, and not so much the money and profits. Since they comprise of a small team of individuals they make their product in small batches with limited output per year.
  • Craftsmanship and creativity – Craft Gin distillers handcraft their product, are passionate about it and know what each and every ingredient that goes into it is, including its purpose. They come up with innovative methods to produce their small limited quantity of Gin.

Craft Gin may not be easy to find and may not be available everywhere due to its limited production. However, there are a few companies that provide booze delivery in London and elsewhere, who specifically support these small distilleries that produce Craft Gin.

Why settle for anything else, when you can have the best? Have your preferred Craft Gin, delivered right to your doorstep.

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