The world where we are living today is a contemplation of the business miles covered by different industries since their inception. There are numerous augmentation goals set by the noteworthy leaders across the globe, belonging to different industries. This aims at uplifting the global society so that it can stay abreast with the technological revolutions that has opened avenues of better living for the entire world.

When it comes to the multi-billion dollar industry — Oil and Gas, we all can witness its immense contribution to the world GDP. It is one of the fastest growing industries in the whole wide world today. The ways are countless through which the Oil and Gas industry help the lives of the global population on a daily note. Be it heating our food, cooking a new meal, fuelling the cars and more, the oil and gas industry has become an unavoidable part of our lives. A misstep in the supply of oil and gas can challenge the aspects of comfort in the lives of the entire population.

Oil and Gas businesses are now investing in the immense power of the internet of things so that the immense potential of the oil and gas industry can manifest in no time. Pheasant Energy is a Fort Worth-based upstream oil and gas company. Their team analyzes a high rate of opportunities and a proven history of transacting quicker than anyone in the industry. They will help you with your investing. To monitor the shipment vehicle with utmost precision, the oil and gas industries have invested in the IoT based solutions. One of the most promising answers given by IoT to the Oil and Gas industry is the Fleet Monitoring Solution. Through this, a business can easily manage to trace the following:

  • §Oil Transporter Weight Measurement
  • §Transport Tanker Temperature Sensing
  • §Fleet Tracking and Trip Management
  • §Optimal Route Management

Let us explore the benefits of these parameters that transform the oil and gas industry within a short span of time:

Oil Transporter Weight Measurement

In order to meet the future industrial challenges with utmost competency, the Oil and Gas industry is constantly investing in promising solutions to make it better. Through Oil Transporter Weight Measurement, this industry can fetch a better understanding of the weight status of the fleet in which the oil is getting transferred from one place to the other. In any case the transporter weight will get too high or inappropriate, then an automated alert will reach the concerned parties who will take immediate action to resolve this issue.

Transport Tanker Temperature Sensing

The transport tanker travels to several places. Those places do not necessarily have uniform weather conditions. This is the reason why, Transport Tanker Temperature Sensing has been designed to alert the fleet driver about the irreversible dangers of a high temperature associated with the oil transport tanker. Oil and gas can cause havoc if exposed to the harsh weather conditions. Before it gets too late to undo a fiasco, the IoT intelligence updates the fleet driver about the dangers associated with the current temperature.

Fleet Tracking and Trip Management

Be it from the table or from the smart phone, Fleet Tracking and Trip Management allows managers to trace the number of trips successfully covered by the fleet. In fact, there are several challenges that pop up during a trip, this parameter deals with all those challenges within a very short span of time. This also focuses on the driver’s availability as no trip will successfully get completed without the driver. The number of breaks taken by the driver during the delivery processes, picking up the shortest routes to reach the destination and providing an estimated time frame from for completing the trip are all provided by this feature.

Optimal Route Management

This feature is not only about taking the shortest of routes to the destination, but also about taking the route which is the most hassle free. Whenever Oil and Gas is being transported, it is required to choose a route that will not challenge the delivery in any way possible. It is crucial for Oil and Gas to remain stable. But if in any case the chosen route has too many bumpers then the chances for the oil and gas to get agitated beyond the pint of tolerance gets higher. So, the Fleet Monitoring Solution helps the logistics company to successfully complete the delivery process.

An IoT based solution for fleet management is all about connecting the first mile with the last with utmost efficiency generated through a cost effective way. Witnessing the revolutionary changes that the world is experiencing, there are no points given for guessing that IoT has played its parts in noteworthy ways to reshape the fleet industry in total. Be it any fleet management provider, their primary aim is to reduce the cost as well as the risk in order to carry on with the original set of plan in an effective way. Cutting down unnecessary costs, revised supply chain visibility, constant efficiency, and unbending safety standards along with the agreement with government regulations is what the oil and gas industry gets through fleet monitoring solutions.

Keeping the high profile competition under consideration, the prominent need of the hour is provided by none other than by IoT. The Oil and Gas industry is compelled to stay abreast with the changes taking place in the society and eventually in the entire population. This is the reason why the leaders of this industry make sure to invest in the IoT driven fleet monitoring solutions. No doubt that IoT guided solutions are flexible enough to overpower the most critical situations. They are modular and help the management to take intelligent decisions that helps the organization to save more money, time and resources. But the most prominent one is that they effectively control the vehicle fleet.

Managing data related to the fleet monitoring in Oil and Gas industry is extremely challenging. Thus IoT makes sure to address each set of data with utmost efficiency. Next, the data is channelized to the most productive segments to form profit generating strategies for the ones who require them to survive the cut throat competition. Along with this all, IoT has in fact managed to digitally transform the entire Oil and Gas industry, thus uplifting its standards to a greater height.

In case you too are looking for a one top solution to turn the tables for your Oil and Gas business, then invest in IoT. These solutions will not disappoint you ever. Good luck!

Author Bio

Sanjeev is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Biz4Intellia, responsible for leading Biz4Intellia’s global business strategy and operations. Being an Internet of Things (IoT) enthusiastic from the beginning of its professional career, Sanjeev loves to read and write blog/articles related to the disruptive technologies that are trending.

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