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Ever thought of how essential parts of commercial or military aircrafts are manufactured? Have you wondered what happens to them over the course of time? If you live in a fantasy world, you would believe that once such crucial parts are manufactured, they’d last a lifetime, because of the immense caution put in and the high-grade materials used for manufacturing them.

There’s no doubt in the fact that aircraft parts manufacturers use only the best quality materials and put in utmost care and caution while manufacturing such parts, but considering the parts to last an era is not agreeable. Whether it is auxiliary power unit mufflers, nozzles, engine exhaust plugs, pneumatic ducts, or any other component, it isn’t necessary that they all last the lifetime of the airplane they are installed in. That’s because a myriad of things happen during the daily operation of an aircraft. Environmental conditions and other impacts may result in damages and premature wear and tear. So, what can you do about it?

Importance of aftermarket services

Even if you approach the best aircraft parts manufacturer, you can be certain about getting A-grade components, but you can’t assure that you won’t have to keep a check on them again. There will be required regular checks, and repairs or replacements as required. This is where aftermarket services are critical to get the aircrafts back in the air. Every day brings new adventures and issues in the life of an airplane; and it is important that regular assessments are done.

Who to approach?

You must approach an establishment that considers itself a service business rather than a company that only manufactures a product. Customers consider a company only as good as the last order fulfilled, which is why businesses must strive to focus on building customer relationships. Customers always return to a store, restaurant, salon, or service provider only if they have had a good experience, and are satisfied with their products/services. But, once they receive a terrible experience, they’ll never return again. Same is the case for aircraft services businesses as well. One bad experience can cost a customer relationship forever!

Why choose Miracle Electronics?

One manufacturer you can trust for both products and service is Miracle Electronics. If you’re in the aircraft industry, you can approach Miracle Electronics for the best quality aerospace cables, transformers, inductors, and box build assemblies.

Aircraft cables – Every kind of aircraft cable and harness can be manufactured here with machineries for wire cutting, wire stripping, terminal and lugs crimping, and more. Laser marking for aircraft cables is also available here, to help with easy identification.

Aircraft transformers – Efficient, small-sized, lower weight transformers are manufactured here that possess lower exterior magnetic field, make less mechanical hum, and generate very low off-load losses.

Aircraft inductors – Whether it is common modes chokes  for infiltering supply and return conductors with in-phase signals of equal amplitude, or differential mode inductors for filtering out-of-phase uneven amplitude signals, you can get them all here.

Aircraft box build assemblies – Complete turnkey box-build and system level integration services, with the capability of producing all major sub-assembly components for an aircraft, with offerings including BTO, CTO, custom tooling and fixtures, custom production process design, and more, is all available under one roof.

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