There’s no question that this whole ordeal is affecting most of us in a variety of ways, but what about the CBD companies? Well, as you may have noticed, some companies put more into the underlying moral and ethics of their mission as well as products. This pandemic is making it the line between the good and the bad more visible for the public. You can stay up to date with all the CBD news and hemp industry updates to monitor what’s going on, but let’s do a little roundup of the happening in the CBD industry amidst this situation. 

The CBD industry was undoubtedly founded on the premise of helping people, so it is great to see so many companies donating hand sanitizers and/or giving away free sanitizers with orders that are placed. The amazing part is that most of these companies didn’t even have hand sanitizer on the product line up but started making it in light of the massive outbreak to help our communities. Some are even going further to donate a portion of profits, donating thermometers, and even giving free products. One thing is apparent: there is a massive hand sanitizer shortage, probably because of people gorging the products and/or price gouging. It’s nice to know that we have options and are able to find some from companies that care. 

On the other hand, you have companies that are making claims that their products are a cure for COVID-19 and have been warned by the FDA to stop making those claims or face legal consequences. These 15 companies have made claims that include that the “powerful anti-inflammatory” effects of CBD will cure inflammation of the lungs, among other claims from the other companies that were issued warnings. 

The most upsetting news has to be the passing of young Charlotte Figi. If you are not familiar with her story, she was the young girl who suffered from Dravet Syndrome which resulted in multiple daily seizures. She was having over 300 seizures a week at the rate of every 30 minutes. She had issues eating and her heart even stopped a few times. Dravet Syndrome is a rare form of epilepsy and is drug resistant. Charlotte’s mother ended up connecting with the Stanely Brothers, CBD entrepreneurs in Colorado, and acquired CBD oil for her daughter. Her seizures drastically reduced and she was able to have some “normal” quality of life until COVID-19. As we all know, people with underlying health complications are most susceptible to severe complications. Surely, the attention that Charlotte was able to bring to the benefits of CBD saved countless lives.

Most CBD companies are seeing an increase in sales due to the sharp increase of anxiety the majority of the population are feeling. Companies are putting together bundles that are geared towards releasing stress and inviting calm into our stressful lives. They are also marking down prices and presenting payment options such as after pay and sezzle to help people continue to be able to get their CBD when their income may be limited. Some companies have even decided to offer free CBD oil to people in need. Any  and all of this is purely amazing, as it shows where the true interest of CBD lies in helping people. 

In states that operate under legal medical marijuana laws, the stores have been deemed “essential” and are still operating under normal business hours; however, they have taken social distancing directions from the CDC with each customer only allotted 5 minutes to shop and only 2 customers in at a time. As far as the employees are concerned, the number of employees have been reduced to also keep the 6 feet guideline in place during business hours. 

There has also been cancellations of trade shows such as the CBD expo west, which is one of the largest in the country. This is a let down for a lot of companies looking to expand and gain attention, but in light of the pandemic, everyone must sit back and chill for a moment. 

Sure, CBD companies have profit in mind, but overall, this industry was built to give people better quality of life and natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs. It’s good to see most companies are stepping up and proving they are everything we thought they were, by the people and definitely there for the people!

This isn’t the first time our country, or our globe has experienced an outbreak; however, it may be the first time many of us have actually had to navigate through such unknown territory. Sure, the unknown is the most stressful part, but with the CBD companies on our sides handing out “calm” we can’t go wrong because we  get to just stay inside and “weather the storm”. We’re almost there….and the CBD companies are helping us get there!

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