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How Technology Is Empowering The Travel Industry?

As COVID-19 has shaken the global economy, and no wonder the travel industry is going to bear the significant economic impact due to it. But you should not forget that there is a silver lining as well, and with the aid of technology, it would be much easier for the world after the pandemic to deal with the refined travelers’ demands.

Let’s dig deeper into this post to understand how technology would revolutionize the travel sector thoroughly.

It goes without saying but the travel sector needs to be well-prepared to serve the psychological demands of the travelers to get them ready to travel again. And it would include the flexibility to book, get a refund, have a cancellation and much more.

How technology will enhance this experience?

Yes, this is one of the most concerning aspects that is associated with travel as of now. Surprisingly, there are multiple ways in which technology can help, to help you get a deeper insight into it, let’s scroll this post further…

Augmented Reality

The integration of AR in the mobile app service would open a floodgate of opportunity for travelers, wherein they can get a closer look at how a specific destination looks. Also, it will help the users to search and book the destination that fits the needs and does not leave a hole into their pockets.

They can also get recommendations for the local travel destinations that would help them to reach there by car, bus or train, and save their time and money.

IoT- Internet of Things

Eventually, IoT is one of the most exciting emerging travel technologies in the travel sector. It further involves, lets customers involve internet-based inter-connectivity with regular devices. This helps customers to connect with everything in their hotel room ranging from lights, AC, curtain blinds, heaters, and every other electronic device from one place only. Also, in the airports, luggage cases can be installed with IoT sensors, that would further allow passengers to get alerted when they pass by.

VR- Virtual Reality 

The concept of Virtual Reality has transformed over the years, and it is no more an entertainment factor. With the help of this very technology, it becomes an interactive portal to get 360-degree images and videos.

Also, it is an engaging and one of the most promising tech trends for tourism-related companies, which lets customers digitally transport a virtual recreation to a specific destination. This would encourage customers to make bookings enormously, and present their hotel in the best light.

Big Data

Big Data is the biggest part of the travel world, this not just helps in improving the personalization offered by travel companies utilizing the information. And another valuable utilization of Big Data is to generate revenue, and anticipate the demands of customers, letting customers’ requirements to be predicted in an optimized manner.


Discussing the robotics integration in the travel industry a decade ago would seem science fiction. However, now robotics has got a strong future in the travel industry, where it can be used to detect concealed weapons, without any involvement of humans. Also, travel can utilize robots for the pre-screening and making more productive waiting time for travelers.

Final thoughts

Indeed, the world of technology is exploding at a faster rate, and this is where every existing industry and business around us. A world dealing with pandemic needs to have better opportunities to tackle viruses during and after to be in a winning position.

The way technology is helping travel, there will be many other industries that would be benefited out of app technology. Let’s hope for the best and get ready to witness the beauty of technology transforming the lives around us sooner.


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Written by Ankit Singh


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