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The first-person virtual reality world of Half-Life Alyx is a challenging game for the gamers. As there are numerous enemies in the game and all of them are hard to tackle. Nowadays, gamers are accusing Jeff, who is also an antagonist of the game story and players of Half-Life Alyx are facing difficulty in beating him. Through the medium of a subsequent blog, we are going to help the gamers through a specific guide to beat Jeff with more ease.

If you are here to obtain aid through a subsequent guide to slain Jeff, then achieve it through the further blog. The process of killing Jeff is bit hard and complicated, so it advisable to be aware while reading the subsequent article.

Half-Life Alyx

The subsequent process will conceive a bit of time and hard work from the players. Gamers need various essential items, including gravity gloves and firearms. Alongside, the process is a bit hard, so we are going to accomplish it in four specific steps.

1. First Encounter

Gamers need to first know a few things about Jeff before going out on the way to encounter him. Jeff is blind, but his listening skills are amazing, so gamers should not use any of their firearms as they all will be easily bearable by jeff. In Chapter 7 of Half-Life Alyx, Jeff is hiding inside a distillery of Vodka and gamers can easily access into it through the downstairs of Cafeteria. Once the players entered successfully to the distillery, they will begin to hear the voice of a victim man struggling and asking for help.

The gamer needs to focus upon hearing the voice and try to navigate the hostage man. Once the players successfully found the hostage man, then they need to interact with him. His name is Larry, and he will brief the players about Jeff and his current location inside the distillery. After that, Alyx will move through the Artificial Intelligence of the game and keep on running until he reached a specific arena where Jeff is waiting for him. After that, gamers can continue controlling Alyx and requires not to inflict any attack on Jeff rather than go to the backside of the arena and obtain a bottle placed over there. The gamers need to throw the bottle on the other side of the corridor to lure Jeff. After that, players need to get back to the place where Jeff was standing and then requires to keep walking on the path that comes after very first right.

2. Escape

Gamers need to keep in moving until they found a kitchen. They need to access into the kitchen and then requires to attain a few resins put inside the freezer. After that, again requires to throw the bottles on the fridge to aware Jeff. Once Jeff came inside, the gamers require to shut the door and locked it. After that, the players need to go back to the escaping place, but they will discover that there is no electricity in the socket to run the elevator. After that, they need to connect the cables to resurrect power. Once the power starts generating again, then the gamers need to take the elevator to escape. Jeff will deliberately press the trap button placed on the wall.

3. Find Batteries

Once the doors of the subsequent elevator open, the gamers require to allow Jeff to exit it. After that, players need to enable Jeff to lay inside the room. The players need to take the path leads after wooden planks. The following way will take the players to another place, and inside the room, they will get a task of unlocking of three batteries. After that, the players have to take the very first door, which is in white. The players require to open all the cabins placed inside the accessed room to navigate ammunition and resin. Alongside, the room is full of numerous bottles.

Players will locate the first hidden battery inside a gate that is sealed. After that, they need to gently open the seal of the gate without using any ammunition as it will be aware Jeff. After that, the second and the third batteries are hidden together inside a hole through the walls of the main living room. Gamers need to grab those batteries and then requires to take the ladder. After that, the players need to install the batteries using receptors. The machine will be started once the players pull back the lever. Jeff will get back to the main room where he was standing for the very first time to avoid beating by machine.

4. Kill Jeff

The best and the last part of the process is to lure Jeff again using bottles. After that, the gamers require to activate the trap through a specific button. Now, Jeff is trapped in a void, so players need to enable the beating machine again using a red button. In a few seconds, the machine will only spare a few body parts of Jeff.

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