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Infinity Ward has included a new game mode into Modern warfare, and they call it Specs OPs. This game mode grants four players to team up together. In spite of the added players option in the game still, it is pretty hard to win this game. Below we have gathered a proper guide that will help you to accomplish these missions more conveniently. Make sure that you read this workaround carefully to avail of the best outcomes.


Players must use the weapon according to their team’s choice because it is pretty prominent to balance the weapon ‘s range and damage ability. Players can go with the option of R9-0 Shotgun because it can produce heavy damage in close distance, and the M4A4 is the best gun to be attained in Modern Warfare. Players can also go with the Light Machine Guns because they possess numerous ammo with an ability to sieve the enemy, and along with that, they can also go with Riot Shield, which works like a resistor for the player.


Players can go with the option of Semtex Grenades and Stun Grenades because both of them have the ability to kill several enemies at once. Players need to use Stun Grenades when there are Juggernauts in front of them, whereas they should use Semtex Grenades when they want to kill numerous enemies quickly.


Players can also attain Munitions apart from killing, and it can be done by unlocking them. Players need to raise their point number by reviving teammates, completing objectives, and killing enemies. Players can use these Munitions in Chopper gunner, Gunship, or in Juggernaut. However, these Munitions are only being purchased; they are not free. Here are some of the best Munitions that are free in Modern warfare, and they are Grenade Crate, Armor Crate, and Ammo Crate.

Best Roles

Medic Role

It is a pretty important aspect in Spec Ops because it provides the player along with the team an ability to revive any time. 

  • Passive Ability: It has a feature of Quick Revive which favors to revived the tired player faster.
  • Active Ability: It has a feature of Team Revive which favors to revived the tired teammates, but it is a bit slow in the process.

Assault Role:

 This role will prove a game-changer for the players who would like to play individually. Their ability of Stooping Power will burst Juggernauts, and the quick reload efficiency will favour the player to kill the enemies faster.

  • Passive Ability:  It has a feature of Fast reload which helps to reload the weapon faster.
  • Active Ability: It has a feature of Team Stopping Power which provides the team stopping power rounds that favours facing extra damage.


  • Strategy to Beat Juggernauts

It is the best tip for not only for Spec Ops Missions but for the entire game to attain an easy strategy to kill Juggernauts. Players should use Riot Shield to resist Juggernaut’s fire attack; then, players need to obtain Assault Role to begin Team Stopping Power, which will kill the Juggernauts instantly.

  • Communication

The best tip for the player to accomplish Spec Ops Missions is communication. Players need to be in touch with other teammates to keep on communicating about the enemy and their own location.

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