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Binding, unlike conventional office stapling , gives printed materials a presentable look, transforming the stack of papers into neat stapling. Documents in this form become more convenient for work and subsequent storage.

To bind a large number of pages with plastic or metal springs in offices use special binding machines – booklet makers. To ensure maximum efficiency of the unit, it is necessary to select the model according to the stated requirements of the user.

Types of binders

At first glance, all binders may seem the same, however, upon a detailed study of the technical characteristics, even a non-professional will notice their functional differences.

For thick stitches, use plastic springs

There are automatic and mechanical binders, which differ in power. Depending on the scope of the tasks assigned, choose which one suits you best. In addition, subject to a mandatory assessment such adaptation possibilities:

The format of the received stitches, including non-standard sizes – presence / absence of side restraints

Maximum brochure thickness – the choice of material for the spring will also depend on this indicator

Most sheets perforated at a time

Adjusting the depth of the perforation holes, that is, the distance from the edge of the page

The presence of knives that you can turn off yourself

The maximum number of pages for a plastic spring is about 500, for a metal spring – no more than 120 sheets and other stationery items guts.pk/shop/. A reusable plastic spring is more advantageous as it can be unbent and bent several times if there is a need to remove or replace a stapled document. In addition, it has an extensive color palette. The squeezed metal spring cannot be fastened back without compromising the aesthetic appearance. But it makes it possible to open the stitching at 360 ° and looks more respectable.

Binding technology is easy

The largest number of sheets punched through at a time is typically less than 20 standard 80 gsm pages. This indicator is important as it saves labor costs and working time. Of course, there are booklet makers that can punch up to 30 sheets. However, there is a risk of distortions and other defects that lead to material rejection. Cope with this task on the strength of expensive professional equipment, but not an ordinary binder.

Adjustment of the indentation is necessary in cases of binding brochures with a thickness of 200 sheets or more, in order to empirically establish such a distance from the hole to the edge at which the pages will easily turn over without clinging to each other and without being torn off in random order.

Choose a booklet maker for your needs

Disconnecting knives (one or more) are needed in order to perforate stitches in an individual format – where the knife is disconnected, the hole will not be punched.

Working with the booklet maker is quite simple and does not require any special knowledge or skills as compared to choosing pencils for sketching guts.pk/shop/category/art-supplies/pencils/. Sheets for the future catalog or reference book are placed in a special depression and the lever is lowered to make holes for the spring. The spring itself is attached to the holders and brought into a stretched state. After that, the edges of the spring are threaded into the hole and closed – there are no difficulties in this.

To find out how much space you need to make when stitching, focus on the thickness of the future brochure:

For stitching up to 10 mm thick, the indent is on average about 2 mm

10-15 mm – indent 3 mm, 16-19 mm – 4 mm

If the thickness of the stitching exceeds 20 mm, then the indent should be at least 5 mm.

Working with a binder saves labor and time

Working with a binder saves labor and time

Office spring binding machines are designed to work with paper, thin celluloid film and similar materials. Thicker covers should be punched very carefully, one at a time. Avoid inserting hard cardstock into the bin, or punching through stacks of documents that are too thick, as this could damage the booklet maker.

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