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How to Clean Canon Printhead to Enhance Print Quality

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If your Canon printer is printing faded pages, this can be due to the printhead. A Canon printer user needs to pay attention to the printhead and keep it clean. If it becomes dirty or comes in contact with dust, your printer may experience several problems. The ink or the dust may clog the canon printhead. The proper cleaning of the printhead may put your Canon printer back to normal working condition. The steps below will help you learn how to clean the printhead and fix several errors existing on your Canon printer.

Know What the Printhead is

The printhead is a vital printer component. It does the main job of creating the print by spraying the ink droplets through tiny nozzles. These tiny nozzles may sometimes get clogged. Due to this, the print quality may appear faded.

Quick and Easy Steps to Auto-Clean Canon Printhead

A Canon printer user can clean the printhead both manually and automatically. First, we will discuss how to clean the Canon printhead automatically. To clean the printhead via the automatic procedure, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First and foremost, a user needs to make sure that the printer is on.
  2. Touch the Gear (Setup) icon that appears on the Canon printer display.
  3. Now, the user needs to select the (Maintenance) icon.
  4. Select the “Cleaning” and then select “Yes.”
  5. As you select Yes, the cleaning process will begin and take at least two minutes to conclude.
  6. When the cleaning process comes to an end, you need to select “Print a nozzle check test” to see the improvement in print quality.
  7. Touch the Gear icon and Maintenance icon again.
  8. Select the “Print nozzle check pattern” option.
  9. If you find the print quality perfect, continue printing the documents.
  10. If you notice missing lines, run a deep cleaning on the printer.
  11. To perform a deep cleaning on your printer, you need to choose the “Deep cleaning” option instead of just “Cleaning.”
  12. Carrying out these steps will put the problem to an end.

Note: If you are not getting good quality prints despite all the mentioned procedures, replace the cartridge. It may fix the problem.

Steps to Manually Clean Canon Printhead

In some cases, the automatic cleaning process may not fix Canon printer printing faded pages, so you need to clean the printhead manually. Follow the steps:

  1. Take a soft cloth or tissue paper.
  2. Gently wipe the cartridge while holding the printhead with the face downward.
  3. Doing so will remove the dried ink from the printhead.
  4. Keep the cartridge with the face downward for about 2-4 minutes.
  5. Avoid rubbing a cloth or paper against the printhead to clean it as it may cause damage.
  6. Now, reinstall the cartridge and try to print a test page.
  7. If you are still getting low print quality, replace your printer cartridge.
  8. The steps described above will help fix the problem.


To prevent the printhead from clogging, you need to clean it twice a week. The cleaning process is essential if you want to keep your printer in excellent condition. One can follow the steps above and clean the printhead both automatically and manually. We hope you find the article helpful.

Source:-  Clean Canon Printhead to Enhance Print Quality

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