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Final Fantasy VII Remake has arrived recently, and it seems out to be an advanced version of the original game. The game depicts the lives of the character more deeply, and several new aspects have been added to meet the requirement of the modern world. The game is one of the most awaited till its release took place last week. Gamers across the globe are acclaiming it a lot for its advanced fighting attributes. The game is apparent to be comprised of both aggressive and defensive play.

The game is now more challenging than its predecessor, thanks to the inclusion of more deadly bosses in it. Nowadays, the gamers are demanding for a guide to beat one of its bosses; Hell House. Although slaying the Hell House is an intricate work to do but with a specific guide, it can be accomplished with ease. Below we have provided a proper workaround to beat Hell House in Final Fantasy VII to favor the gamers.

How to Visit the Hell House

The gamers need to know about a specific story to get assign for a Hell House combat. First, they need to go to the Wall Market, where Don Corneo is looking to get a new wife for himself. Tifa is in the list of selected candidates for his wife. Aerith and Cloud require to save Tifa by aligning Aerith into the list of candidates for Don Corneo’s new wife. She used a disguise of madam M. However, the gamers require to purchase the dress of Madam M for 1 million$.

Players who are short of money must mark a victory in Corneo Colesseum in Wall Market. Once the gamers won the quest and bought the dress. Then, they are going to play the final match, and this is where Don Corneo permits them to combat Hell House. It is necessary to defeat the Hell House in order to attain triumph in the cup of Don Corneo.

How to Beat the Hell House

The gamers have to obtain several specific categories of Materia in order to beat the hell House. The gamers need to understand that Hell House will use several magical attacks, and players require to use Materia to give answers to its attacks. Below we have brief out about all the magic attacks of Hell House alongside specified Materia to use against them.

  • When Hell House uses the magical attack and after that, a thunder apparent on the screen, then the gamers need to use the Wind Materia to dodge it.
  • When Hell House uses the magical attack and after that, a wind apparent on the screen, then the gamers need to use the Thunder Materia to dodge it.
  • When Hell House uses the magical attack, and after that, a fire appeared on the screen, then the gamers need to use the Ice Materia to dodge it.
  • When Hell House uses the magical attack and after that a frost apparent on the screen, then the gamers need to use the Fire Materia to dodge it.

The gamers have to use Aerith for executing attacks through Materia as she is perfect in inflicting damage from them. Once the Hell House seems vulnerable, then the players should get back Cloud to inflict some damage through his physical attacks. Gamers also need to be aware of the MP Materia to be refilled as it will be used for various times in the battle. Thereafter, the house will escape to the next level in which it began to fly. Gamers need to be aware and keep switching the characters. After some time, players will find specific boxes lying in the arena. These boxes will help to refill the MP. Gamers also need to be aware of the fact that it is vital to give Aerith the necessary time to heal. The players need to keep continuing attacks on Hell House until it gets killed successfully.


Final Fantasy VII Remake is concealing many secrets inside it, and Hell House is one of them. Although several gamers have already found it, still many ones are unaware of it. After reading this blog, the rest of them will also know about it, and they will definitely be going to achieve it too.

The gamers who are eager to play Final Fantasy VII can quickly obtain their experience through PS4.

Source :- https://theusaoffice.com/how-to-defeat-the-hell-house-in-final-fantasy-vii/

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