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Nintendo is probably the leading video game marketer in the world right now. In this legacy, Mario played a crucial role in providing global recognition. It is the prime reason why Nintendo still tries to offer the gaming fun of Mario to its fans. Following this, Nintendo has recently introduced Super Mario 3D All-Stars for Nintendo Switch users. The game is a whole new version of the 90s famous Super Mario 64. Over the years, Super Mario 64 has been going under various changes; however, its objective is to gather the Power Stars still intact. Meanwhile, players are, after all, secret stars in Peach’s Castle in Super Mario 64. Hence, through this blog, we are going to help them to find all 15 secret stars.

Where to Find All Secret Stars in Peach’s Castle in Super Mario 64

We have already briefed the gamers that there are 15 secret stars in Peach’s Castle and hidden in six specific locations. Below we have written about all these six phases alongside stars’ names and ways to get them.

Secret Slide of Princess

First, gamers need to have a Power star because the Princess’s secret slide can be visited through a specific door that requires the Power star. Once gamers have obtained a Power Star, then they need to access the main second door of Peach Castle. Afterward, they are required to jump on the glass window located on the right side. Now, gamers are required to keep moving on the glass window without falling. After some time, players will see a yellow block; the first secret star is located.  After that, gamers need to move in the forward direction until they reach the Princess’s secret slide. However, the second secret star will disappear if the players don’t reach it in 21 seconds after touching the first secret star. The whole task is quite complicated; thus, we advise players to visit the second star before touching the first to measure the distance to craft a strategy to cover the distance in minimal 21 seconds.

The Secret Aquarium

In this specific phase, there is one secret star hidden in a room. Precisely, the room is filled with antique items, including a lavish painting of Jolly Roger Bay. More importantly, gamers need to obtain three Power stars to access this phase. Once gamers succeed in infiltrating the specific room, they need to look for a hole in the wall aside from Jolly Roger Bay’s painting. The hole will take the players to a secret level of the Aquarium. Although the following task is quite simple to accomplish, however, the task must be performed underwater, which defines a lot of oxygen is needed. It is suggested to gamers to practice the task before performing it.

Toad Power Stars

Gamers will see several Toads near the Castle of Peach. Although they are usually known for offering hints or texts, quite a few are also known for providing Power stars. Here are the names of those Toads:

  • The first Toad is located near the gateway of Hazy Maze Cave.
  • The second Toad is located on the gateway of Tall Mountain entrance.
  • The third Toad is located on the entrance of Tick Tock Clock.

Mips Power Stars

Like Toads, gamers have also seen a yellow rabbit roaming near the Castle’s basement. These rabbits are known as Mips, and they are capable of giving secret stars to the gamers; however, to become eligible for this phase, players should have 15 Power Stars. Moreover, gamers can only catch 1 Mip at one time, and the second Mip will appear when gamers have 50 Power Stars.

Wind Mario Over the Rainbow

Gamers need to visit the Tick Tock Clock, where they will see a painting hanging on the left side’s wall. Aside from the following painting, there is a specific hole through which the scattering of light occurs. Players need to follow the light to reach the secret passage. Players can easily access this phase through the specific passage and then require to accumulate 8 Red Coins from distinctive islands.

Eight Red Coin Missions

The rest of the secret stars lies in the Red coin missions, and here are some of the quests that gamers need to follow to accomplish them:

  • Vanish Cap Under the Moat
  • Tower of the Wing Cap
  • Cavern of the Metal Cap
  • Bowser in the Sky
  • Bowser in the Fire Sea
  • Bowser in the Dark World


It is a simple task to gather all the 15 secret stars in Super Mario 64. Even though their locations differ from each other, however, gamers can still easily find them. Those players who are facing difficulty tracking them then read this article in which we have briefed all the locations of these secret stars. We hope that all the gamers who have visited this article will find worth reading it.

Players can obtain the 3d Super Mario 64 gaming experience on Nintendo Switch.

source: Find All Secret Stars in Peach’s Castle in Super Mario 64

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