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Game Freaks has blessed Pokemon Sword and Shield with a new DLC known as Crown Tundra. The game has gone through a lot of alterations and inclusions after the arrival of Crown Tundra. More importantly, several unnoticed aspects of the Galar world have been either altered or replaced in this newly arrived DLC.

One of those aspects is the inevitable process of Pokemon Evolution. Although the evolution of Pokemon is a fantastic process and almost every Pokemaster happily does that. However, there are many Pokemon available in the game that gamers don’t want to evolve. Still, as soon as their level in the game gets upgraded, the Pokemon automatically evolve. Following this, the game has now received Everstone to avoid the evolution process of their ideal Pokemon. Thus, we have provided a proper workaround to find Everstone in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Where to Find Everstone in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Gamers need to know that there are three possible ways or locations to get an Everstone in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Here is how:

  • The first place to look for the Everstone is the Turffield Pokemon Centre. Gamers need to enter this specific location and move straight towards a slope aside from the elevator. Over there, players will witness an item emitting sparkling light. Gamers need to grab that item as it is the mystic Everstone.
  • The second way to find an Everstone in Pokemon Sword and Shield is through a Pokemon battle with Roggenrole and Boldore. Both these Pokemon carry Everstone with them; however, finding them in the Galar world is quite complicated.
  • Players need to enter the Freezington town of Crown Tundra, where they need to visit the Frigid Sea. Over there, gamers will find a cave through the mountains, and inside it, they will find a sparkling Everstone.

As Everstone is a common Breeding item as well, gamers should also check the Pokemon left at the Daycare Center.


There is so much to explore in Pokemon Sword and Shield after the inclusion of Crown Tundra. Nowadays, gamers are after legendary Pokemon that have entered the game through this DLC.  Furthermore, the game has recently unleashed a new item known as Everstone for avoiding the evolution process of any Pokemon. This item prevents a Pokémon from evolving when it is held. If you want to obtain this item in your game, then read this article.

Gamers can play Pokemon Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch.

Source :- https://directorycamp.com/blog/how-to-find-everstone-in-pokemon-sword-and-shield/

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