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Are you dealing with issues of hair loss and seeking the best solution for it?

Hair loss is highly prevalent in the present era and not only the adults but the younger generation is too not spared. It could be due to multiple reasons like genetic dysfunction, any systemic disease involvement, trauma or scarring, hormonal issues or any chemotherapy. The prevailing contributing factors could be the culprits of the increasing hair loss incidence that could be the poor nutrition due to incorporation of junk diet, changing lifestyle patterns, regular styling of hairs and environmental deterioration.

For dealing the hair loss, hair transplant is the prime and a permanent solution.

Pune is one of the largest cities of Indian state Maharashtra that is ranked at the top for being a “most livable city in India”. The city is renowned for its huge IT hub for which people from all over India visit the city to earn their living. Referred as “Oxford of the east” for having a wide range of educational opportunities.

The popularity of hair transplant in Pune is rising over the years. With the growing popularity the number of clinics are also increasing but the city is definitely not been recommended for the hair transplant tourism like Delhi and Jaipur that are well known for the excellent hair transplant world.

Hair transplant cost in Pune is more or less comparable to the cost in other metro cities but the quality of hair transplant is definitely outstanding at few of the worldwide renowned clinics in Delhi and Jaipur.

From over 15 years Medispa hair transplant clinic is been serving the patients with an incredible hair transplant. Dr Suneet Soni is one of the most trusted surgeons who are celebrated worldwide for the innovative and remarkable skills. Artistic vision is a gift which Dr Suneet Soni has got that makes him a unique identity in the world of hair transplant.

If you are exploring the best hair transplant clinic in Pune, then think beyond the satisfactory results and choose the best at Medispa hair transplant clinic.

The process of hair transplant

The hair transplant procedure has gained a lot of popularity because the results presented by the procedure are permanent and natural looking. The procedure is performed by taking out the hair follicles from the donor area that are then transplanted at the recipient site or the bald area. The donor hair selection is done very carefully from the various parts of your body possessing permanent hair roots like back and sides of the head, chest, pubic hairs, axillaries hairs or hairs from the beard.

How to find the best hair transplant clinic in Pune?

Are you in search of the best hair transplant clinic in Pune, then trust the best and straight away visit Medispa hair transplant clinic for the world class experience of hair transplant.

Are you aware what you need to look for the best? Let’s get to some important points while selecting the best hair transplant clinic.

  • Focus on finding a competent surgeon: The skills of the surgeon are what matters the most when it comes to a surgical procedure like hair transplant. The educational qualification should be looked upon when you decide for a surgeon where in the highest qualification is a super specialization in cosmetic surgery with an authorized certification. The experience of the surgeon should be duly checked for the number of cases the hair transplant surgeon has performed. The expertise of the surgeon can be checked by exploring the reviews and rating for the surgeon and the associated clinic.
  • A quality clinic is what you should look up to: The skills of the surgeon matters but the skills can definitely be enhanced by using the latest technology and high quality armamentarium. The hair transplant clinic should have a well equipped state of art operatory for every technique of hair transplant. The hair transplant procedure should be performed in ideal aseptic conditions for which maintaining the strict hygiene protocols are necessary.
  • A good team is an efficient one: In addition to the skills of the surgeon and necessary high quality armamentarium, the efficient team is what ensures a successful hair transplant. Handling of hair follicles after harvesting and efficient working along with the surgeon is what can minimise the damage rate and deliver successful hair transplant. Focus on going under the knife of a skilled surgeon and an experienced team.
  • Prefer a single doctor clinic: You might be wondering what the benefits of single doctor clinic are and why not the branded clinics for the hair transplant? You might be well aware of the corporate sector where hiring goes on and on for which the hired doctors keep replacing and you definitely would not want to consult any other surgeon after the replacement of your previously consulted surgeon. Including, imagine how you would trust that the previous work shown to you is the one that the current surgeon has performed and not the previous ones.
  • Avoid the lure of a cheaper option: It would be wise if you leave the lure of choosing a cheaper clinic and go for a cost effective yet quality option. Look for the competence of the surgeon, infrastructure of the clinic and expertise of the team for ensured successful outcomes.
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