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How to generate more leads for your business, you know? This is a very complex question for entrepreneurs who are new or have started to bet on a digital marketing channel. But we will help you to answer it!

When it comes to Digital Marketing, there is no way not to address the topic: lead generation.

This strategy is the basis for those who want to have new business opportunities and increase sales.

As is the case with the Inbound Marketing strategy, also known as Attraction Marketing, which works to win new leads and retain them to your business through the digital environment.

So, if you are interested in how to generate more leads for your business, or better, how to generate qualified leads, and which Digital Marketing channels to use, you are in the right content!

  • Blog
  • Social networks
  • E-mail marketing
  • Paid Media
  • videos
  • Comarketing
  • Do you already know how to generate more leads? Then invest in the best digital marketing channel for your business!


A blog is a digital marketing channel widely used by companies today.

This is because it is seen as the main resource for creating and disseminating content regardless of your business model or industry.

In fact, as we told you that Inbound Marketing is one of the hottest strategies of the moment when it comes to how to generate more leads, it is worth saying that the blog is one of the biggest partners of this strategy.

This is because the production and dissemination of content is the main weapon of Inbound Marketing, as this allows you to know how to generate qualified leads for your business according to the market education proposed in your content.

After all, with them, you gain the autonomy of the sector in which your company operates, as well as guaranteeing the trust of your consumers and leads over time.

But is it just me creating and publishing articles on the blog to get more leads?

More or less, as these contents should offer relevant and interesting information for your persona.

In addition to following your company’s sales funnel, which is the format in which you are based to write about certain subjects according to the stage that the user, lead or customer is in the purchase journey.

That done, you can also offer other types of material to your blog readers, such as:

  • EBooks;
  • Infographics;
  • Whitepapers;
  • Webinars.

Social networks

Social networks are also an excellent way to generate more leads for your company.

This is what in the past these channels were not used for corporate purposes, only personal.

However, as time went by, entrepreneurs began to realize the power that the media have for their business.

After all, if you really want to maintain a good relationship with your customers, you must always be aware of efficient and, at times, relaxed communication.

And that the main social networks can offer to your enterprise.

Speaking of them, the main ones are:

  • Facebook: this which is one of the largest social networks in the world helps you to be present in groups with subjects related to your industry, which offers more chances of generating qualified leads. In addition, maintaining a frequency of postings on your company page is essential for the relationship and engagement with the public;
  • Instagram: the social network of photos and videos must be supplied frequently, so as not to be forgotten by your followers. To increase the results, it is recommended to use #hashtags and create stories of people who had their problems solved with their products or services;
  • LinkedIn: the social network aimed at professionals in all areas does not require a level of posts as frequent as the last two, but it is always necessary to be present on it. Just like on Facebook, you can join groups and create posts;
  • Twitter: There is no limit on Twitter posts for a single day. In this social network, you can find influencers to seal partnerships, as well as followers who always want to receive information about your market.

That is, social networks are great allies for those who want to generate qualified leads, precisely because it is a Digital Marketing channel of the best and most active.

E-mail marketing

The question that does not want to remain silent: who is still afraid of email marketing?

A long time ago, this type of Digital Marketing channel was used without much judgment by several entrepreneurs, thus generating an aversion to email marketing tools.

However, today this means of communication is considered valuable for companies and customers since it disseminates its campaigns to the people who really have an interest in them.

Some emails you can send to your contact base are:

  • Newsletters;
  • Transactional emails;
  • Marketing campaign.

Paid Media

Paid media are often ignored by entrepreneurs who think they do not provide any kind of return for the business, only expenses.

The great fact is that this type of advertising, in fact, is becoming increasingly important and is an excellent indicator for you to know how to generate qualified leads.

That’s because, unlike the organic format, the results presented by paid media are felt more quickly, allowing you to really discover how to generate more leads for your business.

The main paid media platforms are:

  • Facebook Ads;
  • Google Ads;
  • LinkedIn Ads;
  • Instagram Ads.


Much of the traffic from mobile devices is videos.

This shows that this type of Digital Marketing channel is a trend when it comes to online content.

After all, today consumers are also looking for videos to answer questions about their segment.

Not for nothing, YouTube is right behind Google and Facebook when it comes to search engine searches.


Comarketing represents the union of two companies so that both can carry out marketing actions to enhance their results.

And this strategy is excellent for you to know how to generate qualified leads for your venture.

Along with other brands, you can produce blog content, rich materials, kits, among other tools so that you can be seen by those who are really interested in your company’s products or services.

Do you already know how to generate more leads? Then invest in the best digital marketing channel for your business!

In this context, we discuss which digital marketing channels are most used for you to know how to generate qualified leads.

For you to know how to deal with the current competitive market and generate as many potential customers as possible, you need to delve into the above topics.

After all, as you well know, the world is and will be digital and for your company to be part of it, it is essential to discover How to get faster results with Inbound Marketing and techniques focused on the online world.

So, always improve your knowledge, only then will you be able to generate more leads and enhance your results.

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