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Pokemon Sword and Shield have brought plenty of new and previous generation Pokemon along with Crown Tundra DLC expansion. The biggest reason behind bringing all Legendary Pokemon in the game is to make the game more entertaining and challenging. The biggest challenge in the game is to find all Legendary Pokemon with separate procedures. Developers have added previous generation Legendary Pokemon in the game as well. Apart from the previous generation starter Pokemon, Pokemon that came from prehistoric fossils are also part of the game.

During the adventure, players can pick some special items in the desert for Generation 3 Pokemon. The following items are either Claw Fossil or Root Fossil. By selecting Claw Fossil and restoring it from the technology will provide Anorith. It’s a dual Rock/Bug-type Pokemon that evolves in Armaldo. Now, in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Anorith can be obtained without following the restore process.

Catch Anorith

The great thing about Anorith is that it’s not an exclusive type of Pokemon, and that’s why players don’t have to swim through the water to get it. However, it still has a 10% chance to appear in boosted weather areas. Unlike many Pokemon, Anorith doesn’t have a Self-Destruct move. Yet, players still have to keep a Pokemon that have powerful moves like Sleep or Paralysis to catch Anorith easily.

Catch Armaldo

Once you have Anorith, you can simply evolve it in Armaldo after reaching level 40. Additionally, you can also catch it at Ballimere Lake. Here is one thing players need to remember that Armaldo doesn’t appear at Ballimere Lake all the time. The highest chances of appearing Armaldo at Ballimere Lake are during the Rainy weather. Wild Armaldo usually appears at level 67, and they have powerful moves like X-Scissor. Armaldo is also a dual Rock/Bug-type Pokemon, and its X-Scissor move is a powerful Bug-type move. However, Steel-type Pokemon only consume half damage from its moves.

Rock/Bug-type is an interesting combination, and there are very few Pokemon that can stand a chance against it. Because it’s a dual-type Pokemon, it can damage multiple types of Pokemon, but players also have to be aware of its weaknesses.

More ways to Catch Anorith and Armaldo

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, players have multiple options to encounter Anorith and Armaldo instead of just running around. These two Pokemon can also appear in Max Raid battles at Slippery Slope, Giant’s Foot, Giant’s Bed, Ballimere Lake, and Crown Shrine. Apart from this, players can encounter and catch Armaldo in the Dynamax Adventure as well.

These all are the easiest ways to catch Anorith and Armaldo. However, if players don’t want to catch Armaldo, they simply need to follow the evolution process. In the process, players simply have to find Anorith and evolve it in Armaldo. This process will not take much time, but players have to be above level 40.


Evolving Anorith into Armaldo is nowhere tough. There are plenty of tasks, hidden quests, and challenges that can improve their level. Every level increases Pokemon’s level too, and after hitting level 40, players can evolve Anorith easily.

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