Creativity isn’t solely reserved for the painters, musicians and clothing designers. Creativity is for everyone, fiction and non-fiction writers alike. There’s creativity found everywhere. However, if you haven’t developed a practice of using your creative muscle, it can be difficult to harness or tap into your inner creative genius. Thankfully, there are strategic ways to actively hack your inner creativity. 

1. Find sources of inspiration. 

In Steal Like an Artist, author Austin Kleon shares more about how “all creative work builds on what came before. Nothing is completely original.” Oftentimes, people overthink things by trying so hard to be original. Instead, take a look at what was done before. Consider the different ways you can pull from different sources of inspiration in order to create your own masterpiece. Look at different genres and niches in order to gain perspective and new thoughts. As you pull inspiration from music, books and more, you can use those sources as the launching pad for your own work. 

2. Do a brain dump. 

One of the reasons why it can be tough to tap into your inner creativity is because you’re so stressed out about everything that’s currently on your plate. Instead, it’s a wise idea to do a brain dump before you begin working. Grab a journal, and just write out everything you’re thinking about. It’s a great way to get it out of your idea and see it on paper. That one act can do wonders for your stress level because you’re not trying to maintain so much information in your brain. 

3. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

What you consume will directly impact your work. Think of a car. It operates best when it is filled with the right fuel. As it relates to your creativity, work on consuming meals with nutritional value. It might be better to eat light when it’s time to get work done. When you’re feeling sluggish and tired because of the huge pasta dish you ate at lunch, it can play a role in how effective and productive you are. While there are natural ways to become more disciplined and creative, one of the best hacks involves eating empowering foods that will support your body’s ability to thrive as well as your mind’s ability to operate with clarity. If you’re interested in trying this option, students use Modafinil to study better and professionals use it for productivity. Modafinil is widely available online, although it’s also available via prescription. As you find supplements and other ways to boost your nutrition, this will help you evolve in your quest to become more creative. 

4. Rest. 

When your mind is overworked and exhausted, it’s going to be very challenging to produce great work. This is why rest is so essential. Rest doesn’t always equate to eight hours of sleep either. While it is important to get lots of sleep each night, rest can also come in the form of a vacation, a walk around the neighborhood or a few hours away from your desk. 

5. Keep a tight schedule. 

In his popular book, The Four-Hour Work Week, author Tim Ferris suggests that individuals can get a lot done in a shorter amount of time. Because there are typically eight hours in a workday, people use eight hours to get the work done. However, with focus and intention, many people can actually turn an eight-hour day into a four-hour day. It’s all about what your mindset is. If you give yourself a tight schedule by decreasing the number of hours you want to work, you’ll actually accomplish the goal. When you’ve made the decision to shift your hours, your mind will get creative in making things happen. This can impact your inner creativity because so many people get wildly creative when there’s a looming deadline. Create your own deadline in order to foster a sense of urgency and quality production. This doesn’t mean that you need to rush or produce subpar work. Just be mindful about keeping a tighter schedule, and use each moment to its fullest capacity. 

6. Read. 

You can read a magazine article on entrepreneurship, an interesting autobiography or a book about 70s fashion. The simple act of reading is excellent for inspiring the mind the think deeper. Sitting down to read allows you the opportunity to learn more about a specific topic. As you learn more, it can potentially spark your curiosity and get you to tap into your inner creative process. 

7. Designate a creative workspace.

If you’re someone who works from the comfort of your home, this can be both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because it’s convenient and comfortable. It can be a curse because if you don’t maintain a level of discipline, it can be really easy to become distracted. Whether it’s a table or an entire private office, create a workspace that encourages creativity. Organize your pens, pencils and other writing utensils. Make sure the space has great lighting. Keep a motivational quote and some inspiring artwork in picture frames on your desk. When you have visual reminders to remain focused, this can help. 

Wrapping it up

As you work on hacking your inner creativity, don’t expect immediate results. If you do receive them, that’s great. However, creativity involves an organic process in order to yield authentic and ground-breaking results. With this understanding, be committed to the process as it will be rewarding in the end. Before long, creativity will flow through your work effortlessly.

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