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To install McAfee with an activation code, you must have a valid activation code. If you already have a valid McAfee activation code, you can activate your McAfee subscription. To activate it visit www.mcafee com/activate.

After visiting mcafee.com/activate, you’ll see an input box, Just above that box “Enter your 25-digit activation code” will be written. Put your 25 characters McAfee Activation Code, and after that click on the “Submit” button.

If you used your McAfee activation code before to activate McAfee on the other PC and you have a multi PC subscription then you can directly by clicking on the “Download your software” link below. Once it downloaded on your computer, you can install it.

How to install McAfee with activation code?

Install McAfee with activation code on a Mobile device (Android and iOS)

Android devices- To install mcafee of on an Android device you need to open the play store on your device then search for McAfee and then download and install it. You need to provide your login details inside the app to connect and you can start the license by providing the activation code inside the app itself.

iOS devices- The process is the same as the Android. Here you just need to open the Apple store instead of the Google play store. After the download, install the product. Further, you can open the app and log in to it.

How to Get Rid of McAfee Reminders?

When your McAfee anti-virus application’s subscription is about to expire, the program displays frequent reminders on your screen, even when you’re busy using another app. Unless you renew the subscription, the reminders continue as long as you have the McAfee app on your computer. To get rid of the reminders, you must uninstall the software. Once you remove the McAfee protection, you should install another anti-virus program or enable the built-in virus protection features of Windows 8.

Press “Windows-X” and select “Programs and Features” from the shortcut menu. If you’re using Windows 7 or earlier, access the Programs and Features applet from the Control Panel.

Select the name of the McAfee application from the list of programs, and then click the “Uninstall” link at the top of the list. Click “Yes” to confirm the choice, and then click “Yes” again to allow the McAfee uninstall utility to run.

Check the box next to the name of the program in the McAfee pop-up window. Also, check the box next to “SiteAdvisor” if you want to remove the McAfee browser plugin from your computer. Click “Remove” to begin uninstalling the program.

Click the “Restart Now” button to reboot your computer. The McAfee reminders stop appearing.

How to install McAfee with activation code?

BRATA malware disguises itself as security tools on Google Play

Hackers are tricking victims into granting their malicious apps certain permissions before taking control of Android devices

New variants of a dangerous Android malware family are disguising themselves as security tools on Google Play that urge users to update widely-used apps but instead seize control of their devices.

The Brazilian Remote Access Tool Android (BRATA) was first seen towards the end of 2018 but soon evolved into a banking Trojan combining full device control capabilities with the capacity to steal credentials.

Researchers at McAfee have now spotted new variants of the strain affecting victims based in the US and Spain, alongside new defensive capabilities. BRATA has added protective layers including string obfuscation, encryption of configuration files, the use of commercial packers, and moving its core functionality to a remote server so it can update easily without changing the main application.

One of the most significant additions the fact that it’s being disguised as security tools on the Google Play store. The perpetrators have managed to publish several security-oriented apps on the platform with thousands of downloads, including DefenseScreen, which accrued 10,000 installs before Google removed it.

How to install McAfee with activation code?

Mcafee activation is a few-step thing, start with mcafee.com/activate and install your McAfee just by following some steps. Please read throughout the blog to understand the steps. Afterward, also read the general troubleshooting steps if somehow your Mcafee is not going through.

What is the McAfee activation code?

Mcafee activation code is a 25 digit alphanumeric code. This is a unique code for every new license of McAfee. If you got a McAfee retail card for this then you will find a silver lining. Just peel this McAfee activation code silver lining gently to get your McAfee activation code. An activation code for McAfee looks like the below-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

How do you login to McAfee?

How to Login to your McAfee Account. Go to https://home.mcafee.com/secure/protected/login.aspx. At McAfee’s sign-in page enter your email in the “Email Address” box on the left side of your screen. Type in your password in the “Password” field.

McAfee activation for Mac:

First of all, you have searched for the McAfee icon on the welcome screen on the Mac.
Just double-tap on it and proceed to the next step.
After this, you have to enter the details of the Mac admin account.
In the next step, you have to enter the serial number of the McAfee product
Tap on the “Finish” option to complete the setup process

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