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The Laws of Thermodynamics do not favour shipping cold items. During shipping, package contents can be exposed to varying temperature conditions. This can be especially challenging when shipping perishables that need to be kept at cold temperatures. If these are delivered in warm or room temperature conditions, the product’s integrity and safety could be compromised. This could lead to health hazards for food and other vital product deliveries. 

It is essential to rely on insulated bubble wrap, along with refrigerants (dry ice, gel packs) when packaging products that require refrigerated or frozen conditions. This will ensure that you can maintain them at the right temperature, so they are delivered in the original peak quality that they need to be in. Otherwise, the product could be deemed unusable and your business or client could incur substantial loss of revenue.

Insulated Shipping Boxes

You can maintain cold-temperature shipments in the right condition by simply insulating your boxes. By inserting foil insulated bubble wrap liners or gusseted bags, you can easily line corrugated boxes so they can maintain the appropriate temperature for the package contents. These are lightweight, high quality, affordable, remarkably effective and extremely easy to use. The liners are two pieces (A and B), which can be customized to fit any size box. The one-piece gusseted bag is also leak resistant and can also be customized to any size. These insulation sources are used successfully for keeping food related shipments, like groceries, meal kits and prepared meals safe for the duration of their shipping window. They also take up much less space than foam materials, saving you valuable storage space.

These will help to maintain the shelf-life of the products during transportation, which will keep your clients satisfied and loyal to your business. High-tech cold chain packaging products are critical for maintaining the interior of the boxes cool and dark . The metalized foil insulated bubble provides some cushioning and slows heat transfer regardless of the surrounding climate . 

With the increase in direct-to-consumer shipments during this Covid crisis, custom insulated shipping boxes provide an economical solution for transporting many food related shipments. The contents will remain safe and secure during the entire shipping window. 

The cushioning offered from the insulated bubble wrap will keep the contents intact. Products will travel without temperature loss due to the reflective foil technology. Skip foam products which may cost more, take up more space and creates more waste. Choose insulation that will cost you less and offer better temperature control during shipment and transportation.

Find Cool Packaging Solutions with Distinctive Solutions 

For valuable cold item packaging, learn about the cold chain packaging products that Distinctive Solutions can offer. Cost-effective and with short lead times, you can provide safe packaging and protect your clients’ valuable products. Don’t hesitate to contact our team about these products and other protective packaging materials available. 

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