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After the pandemic, people have started learning more about how to take care of the body and mind. One of the best ways to take care of your body and mind is to have good quality food that not only provides you the exact amount of nutrients needed but also helps you elevate your state of mind. Food has the quality of enhancing the three senses that is sight, smell and taste.

So while cooking you have to make sure that your food looks good, smells great and also tastes excellent but you cannot forget the health factor. So you should cook food that is also healthy and cooking in waterless cookware provide you with all these necessities.

Now if you have bought a cookware which does not need water, you should also know how to use it in the best way possible. So to help you here are some tips:

  • Use only low and medium temperatures

Cookware that does not need you to boil your food with water should be put on low or medium temperatures only. It is not ideal to put on high temperatures because this cookware material absorbs more temperature and functions better than other cookware also your food may get burnt if put on high heat. This cookware will also help you to save energy and thus, save money in the process.

  • Preheat your pan

People often do mistake by adding oil and then turning on the heat but this does not work in all sorts of cookware. In stainless steel pans with a non-stick coating, it is important that you put the oil first and then put it on heat. But in cookware that does not need water, you will have to first preheat the pan and then add oil so that you can cook your food. It is a necessary procedure if you are cooking meat eggs and seafood.

  • Cover the lid and cook in less water

If you are cooking vegetables and boiling them you may lose out on a lot of nutrients because often heat destroys nutrients when the food is boiled too much and the vegetables may get mushy as well. So to cook your vegetables well and not lose moisture, you should cover the lid and add only a little water so that the vegetables are boiled properly and also stay firmer and nutritious.

 This is the best way you can use a waterless cookware and to know more contact the best cookware company today!

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