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How to Pay Off Debt: 6 Strategies That Work

SUMMARY:  Still struggling to pay off your debt? Learn how debt relief credit card works. 

How to Pay Off Debt: 6 Strategies That Work

If you owe a ton of money on multiple credit cards, that can lead to overwhelming debt. If you’ve been trying to make ends meet and still fall short of paying off your debt, it may be time to consider getting a bit of advice. Here are six strategies that you’ll want to try if you’re checking out ideas on how to reduce or tackle that mountain of debt. 

Try the Avalanche Method 

First, make minimum payments on all your accounts. Then, pick the account with the highest interest rate. If you have any extra money, put all that into paying off that debt first. Once that done, do the same for the rest of the accounts that remain until you’ve successfully paid off each one. It’ll take a while, though, before you see any results, so be patient. 

Do the Snowball Method

You could also start paying off the debt with the smallest balance. Clearing small debts gives you a sense of accomplishment, which can motivate you harder to keep on paying the rest. Also, since this method allows you to reduce the accounts that you have outstanding balances with, it helps improve your credit scores much quicker. If you’re looking for how debt relief credit card, this is one option you’ll want to try. 

Go with Balance Transfers

This isn’t a strategy but more of a specific technique that you can employ with either of the two methods. If you have credit card debt, transfer your credit card balance to a different card. Find one with a lower interest rate to save on interest. Make sure you do the math, though. You’ll likely end up paying for transfer fees. Check if the bank you’re using charges for those fees. 

Get a Personal Loan 

Another way to clear your debt is to use a personal loan. Take one out. Consolidate your debt with the loan. This method goes easy on your credit score. Since the personal loan is an installment loan, the balance-to-limit ratio won’t compromise your credit. Also, paying with an installment loan boosts your credit, so that’s another factor to consider. 

Use a Debt Settlement

Hire a debt settlement company to help you through this. With qualified experts to take the rein, the process will go so much easier. Opting for this method means you’ll pay less than what you owe. It has long-term consequences for your financial record, though, so you’ll want to discuss this in great detail with a debt settlement expert before you proceed. 

File for Bankruptcy

This option is the last resort because it has a devastating effect on your credit, one that you’ll feel and deal with for years. However, being aware of this option will help you keep the proper perspective in mind: that is, if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions laid out by the method you chose, you could end up filing for bankruptcy. The lesson is to do everything you can to ensure that won’t happen. 


Written by Jordan Leo


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