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How to Protect Yourself from Instaspam?

Instaspam has become a common thing these days in the world of Instagram. If you are hearing of it for the first time, you may think you are being spammed as you have no clue what it actually is. Well, the truth is it is in existence and it occurs when you start receiving a flood of fake Instagram followers. Although you may be happy with the numbers, one question should linger in your mind – where have all these requests come from all of a sudden?

Types of instaspammers

• Passive spammers: these are accounts with only one biography and one uploaded picture. They also have a statement, reading “click on this link and get more followers.”

• Aggressive spammers: the second kind you are most likely to encounter is that whenever you will find a comment on your photo, it will be requesting you to check out a link that will most likely lead you to an abyss of darkness.

• Logrolling spammers: they resemble real accounts with even a username, but their cover is blown by the fact that they are accompanied with the phrase “likes for likes.” It's more of a trade where you like their posts in exchange for a like on yours.

The effects of instaspam

The abrupt followers and requests and in some cases, linkbait comments advising you how to get a ton of followers can become annoying. However, that's just half of the story, as they are schemes to lure you into the trap of despair. If you somehow fall into their trap, you will start experiencing some strange things with your Instagram account. The most common effects of instaspam may include:

• Decreased numbers of your followers, which is kind of weird as the promise was for the counts to actually skyrocket. It's usually a tactic employed to cleanse the network by cyber criminals or by malicious people. Many have suffered from losing their hard-gained followers on Instagram with the numbers dropping by tens of thousands.

• Another common consequence of instaspam is photos disappearing from your account, yet you aren't deleting them yourselves. It is devastating losing many of the pictures you had uploaded for share, especially because it's not by your own will and it is happening behind your back without your knowledge.

How to deal with instaspam?

To protect your Instagram account from spammers, there are a few options which you should consider at all cost. They include:

• Make your account private and only share your posts with designated people.

• Flag messages and accounts, either via Instagram or with an app designed to report spams. Alternatively, block the account that's bugging you.

• Take advantage of the security options offered by Instagram, such as the abuse reporting options.

• Change your password regularly to avoid your account being hacked by the spammers.

To conclude, it is important to note that instaspam is real and it can harm you at any time. However, arming yourself with the necessary knowledge of how they present themselves is a good way of knowing when it's time to take action so as to protect your Instagram account.

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